Random Monday Morning Thoughts

I remember this like it was yesterday. And I can't begin to tell you just how adorable. cute, 
and loud she was.

  • Brookshires in Bridgeport looked like the Apocalypse had hit. And this photo was from yesterday (and the meat and dairy sections were equally as empty):

  • Ted Cruz continued his Damage Control Tour this weekend by putting pictures like this on his own Twitter feed. That's not gonna help him. 

  • AOC showed up and managed to raise $5 million for Texas since Thursday.

  • I'm uncomfortable with protestors showing up at Cruz's house, but can't help but appreciate the humor of someone hiring a mariachi band to play. 

  • President Biden declared a "Major Disaster Declaration" for 77 counties in Texas. Wise County made the list. Jack County did not.

  • Hey, this is unrelated, but were those wind turbines in Jack County turning last week? Someone email me with the answer.
  • I'm sure you've seen the  Boeing 777 engine on fire as it left Denver. 

  • Stuff I learned about pipe repair. This coupling by Sharkbite easily does the trick and amazingly does not require glue, cement, or welding. The thing only costs $7.50 and is removable if you screw something up. With a two inch gap removed, it slides over both ends of two stationary pipes.

  • It looks like Trump's first personal appearance since going into seclusion at Mar A Lago will be speaking a CPAC. Mike Pence has declined.

  • 60 Minutes has a segment on QAnon last night which is worth your while.

  • Dominion has officially sued My Pillow and Mike Lindell this morning. The 115 page lawsuit is here. (The amount of time and effort expended on preparing the Petition, which has 246 footnotes, is mind-blowing.)

  • An OU wide receiver got in a fight in restroom bar and almost lost an eye. It was all caught on video (complete with the over-cussing, annoying narrator.)

  • My favorite actor might be Ben Foster. I first noticed him in Alpha Dog (love that movie) and thought he was great in Hell or High Water (one of my all time favorite flicks).   I watched two of his most recent films over the Icemageddon where he's great but the films are mediocre: Leave No Trace and Galveston.  (He actually had a pretty big roll in Six Feet Under, but I hardly remember him in it.)

  • Any Texas court which has any proceeding by Zoom must simultaneously make the broadcast live on Youtube. A list of any court which is "live" at any particular time should be at the top of the page here
  • The Ticket has spent a bunch of time promoting "digital sports cards" and NBA Top Shot, and I think it is the dumbest thing I've ever heard. Here's an example: Host Jake Kemp paid money (probably around $20)  to "own" this video of Gordon Hayward jump shot. His video card is numbered 5,553 out of 12,000 (which means 12,000 other people shelled out money, too, for that video.)  Currently there are 768 of the 12,000 video cards for re-sale with a price range of $89 to $250,000. For some reason, the higher the number the higher the value.  Did I mention I think this is dumb? It's like people who thought they could make money off of Beanie Babies. I'll say it again: You haven't made anything off something until you actually sell it.