Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

We were in the beginning of a Senate race in Texas 10 years ago because Kay Bailey Hutchison announced she wouldn't seek re-election. That poll from February 2011 was taken from the Texas Tribune and the story link it came from is still good. (I predicted Dewhurst? I hadn't quite fine-tuned my political prognostication skills. And I don't even know who the "Dallas mayor" was which I was referring to.) 

  • A lot of people are saying they are surprised that Tiger Woods survived his car crash. Considering the passenger compartment was intact, the air bags properly deployed, and he was wearing his seat belt, I'm surprised his leg was injured as badly as it was. (As to the location, I think I've got the Google Maps coordinates of the crash linked here.)

  • Texas mandated seat belts in 1985. Even back then, there were cries of, "We don't need the gubment telling us what to do!"
  • Jacksboro's David Spiller won the run off for a state representative position last night. Everyone call him at home this morning and ask him what he's going to do about ERCOT, and when he can direct a plumber your way. 

  • An 18-wheeler got in the way of a train in Milam County yesterday. (Video of explosion.)

  • The crazy QAnon Shaman and horn-headed Jacob Chansley has filed a motion to get released prior to trial, and his crazy lawyer started it off with a Mark Twain quote.  Like every one of Trump's supporters who stormed the Capitol as an act of insurrection, he doesn't care about the truth: Twain never said that. 

  • QAnon nutcases got really excited yesterday when the U.S. Marshals official account tweeted out the tweet below. (Just look at he replies to it.)  Apparently, they believe it is secret code regarding a clandestine plot to re-install Trump as president on March 4th. 

  • Fox News' Tucker Carlson, who might be one of the dumbest men in America, said last night he couldn't find "Q" after spending all day looking for him on the Internet.  Sheesh. And he doesn't realize that he just offended a lot of his viewers for downplaying the existence and importance of QAnon. 

  • That freezing week was awful, right? Well, the IRS has given Texas an olive branch. 

  • Frye's Electronics, which used to be a sight to behold when you walked into one of them but which had fallen on hard times, abruptly went out of business forever last night. At it's peak, it had eight stores in Texas (with one in South Arlington and one on LBJ in north Irving.)

  • I've heard there is a Wise County mayor sending out a flyer lambasting the Messenger for criticizing Rep. Ronny Jackson promotion of The Big Lie in an editorial last month entitled "Cancerous lies threaten democracy."   How could he, or anyone else for that matter, not possibly understand that 81 million people turned out to vote against who they perceived to be the most hated man in America? And I'm still not sure how Jackson got elected after he had to withdraw his nomination to be head of the VA. 

  • I really don't spend a lot of time following Wise County basketball, but I did see this photo from last weekend's game which eliminated Bridgeport from the playoffs. Hand to the face? 

  • Arkansas has a minimum wage that is 28% higher than that of Texas.  Arkansas.
  • Messenger: Above the Fold