Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • That's was at the end of Random Thoughts from 10 years ago after the Super Bowl at Jerry World. The fact that a team, not a quarterback, had a fourth championship was a big deal.
  • Remember when Budweiser announced they wouldn't be doing any Super Bowl commercials? I think I missed the fine print where Bud Light and Bud Light Seltzer weren't included. 

  • I didn't have Billy Idol and Miley Cyrus on my pre-game Bingo card. I think he's had some work done. 

  • So Bruce Springsteen was able to make everyone mad? On one hand, he's a dirty lib for implying we are finally "united" under Biden, but on the other he's also a White Christian Nationalist for talking about a church in the middle of America.  But was able to bring us all together in that we all agree it's dumb to drive a jeep with the top down in 20 degree weather. 

  • It really didn't matter, but he ended up throwing the ball 30 yards on this play. They guy never had a chance yesterday.  

  • Drew Pearson finally made it the to the Pro Football Hall of Fame. But the camera briefly panning over to Roger Staubach and Jerry Jones made me question which one looks older. 

  • Five minutes after the Super Bowl was over, the Cowboys tweeted a 32 second clip about next season. There wasn't a single image of Dak Prescott used. If they don't reach a contract with him and they want to use the franchise tag on him for the upcoming season, it will cost them $37.69 million.

  • Blaming "Senate rules" for abandoning the minimum wage promise isn't going to go over well for those who voted for him. 

  • On Friday, Fox News cancelled Lou Dobbs from it business network line-up. The unemployed conspiracy theorist is 75.

  • Breaking Telsa/Bitcoin news.   After the announcement, the crypto currency is now trading at over $43,000 a coin this morning.  (Side note: I think Elon Musk is crazy and might end up like John McAfee one of these days.)

  • Fun facts: In 2019, there were 9.7 million traffic stops made by cops in Texas. Citations were only issued in 40% of them.  They searched the car in 5% of all stops. When they did search, they found nothing 66% of the time. 
  • The front page of the Messenger on Friday had a story of 75 pounds of weed found during a traffic stop.  I can already tell you there will be a fight in court as to why the traffic stop was prolonged in order for a dog to be brought in. 

  • I made what I thought was a pretty obscure reference to Leon Spinks a couple of months ago when I had a tooth incident. He passed away on Friday. 

  • The Supreme Court keeps issuing weird late night rulings (referred to as a "shadow docket") and they did so again on Friday night with a COVID ruling. Justice Kagan fired off a hot dissent, though:

  • Who could have predicted in this day and time this would happen?: 

  • If the Kansas City Star actually went to black and white this morning, that's a nice artistic touch.