Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts


  • Missed on that one. 
  • The impeachment trial of Donald Trump started off with a haymaker of 12 minute video.  Every American should watch it. And after reminding us of the horrors, it ended with what should be a knock out blow:

  • The caption has a typo, but that's actually Miami, Texas this morning (brought to you by the ABC affiliate in Amarillo.)

  • If I hadn't fired my weather staff, I would tell you if Wise County schools and county offices will be closed tomorrow. It's looking dicey, but that's just my natural weather instincts kicking in. 
  • Yes, the Texas Cat Lawyer video is everything that it has been acclaimed to be. Watch it. Enjoy it.  

  • Some people are more upset about this than the Trump Insurrectionists attempting the coup on January 6th. 

  • Jerry Jones is preparing for bad weather -- spotted buying wine in a convenience store in Prosper. 

  • This headline is a little harsh. 

  • This story is a little wild.  Throw in that his law firm has split up, a private jet has been repossessed, and the firm was sued in Tarrant County for $344,000 for unpaid marketing invoices, and things aren't going well. (By "opioid lawyer", the headline means his firm was retained by Bexar County to sue opioid manufacturers and retain a hefty a fee if successful -- a contract which raises its own questions.)

  • Legal stuff: I had a bullet point the other day about a proposal to turn the fourteen Texas appellate courts into just four. I'm not saying it will be done, but check out this sneaky way of how it would come to fruition: House Bill 339 by Rep. Phil King has been filed which does nothing but cause some harmless changes. Read it. It's simple. But it would actually serve as a "placeholder bill" which would be drastically amended later on to create this massive 14 courts into 4 change. 
  • Call me grumpy, but I don't care about the answers of 415 strangers. Nor can I believe 415 people took the time to answer as if their answer matters to anyone but them.   

  • There's probably an innocent explanation. 

  • I've been preaching about how Tyler Technologies has made a literal fortune off of Texas government contracts for the last 20 years. Now they are expanding -- and they are paying cash

  • In the Messenger today, there's a Letter to the Editor from the founder of the new Wise County Conservatives group trying to clarify the question of the group's stance on secession. If I understand it, and I paraphrase, he says, "I don't know if Wise County Conservatives favors Texas seceding from the U.S. because we've only met once. As for my personal opinion, I wasn't asked." Fair enough. But I think the group should take a vote on the issue at its upcoming meeting and report back to us. 
  • Messenger: Above the Fold