Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • That's a pic of the security lines at Jerry World's Super Bowl. 
  • Holy crap, this is in Fort Worth this morning. I think that's I-35 at NE 28th Street. (Video in link)  

  • Edit: Found another photo . . . 

  • Edit: Here's a Facebook video of it happening. Incredible. Language warning. 
  • Edit:

  • You cannot have watched yesterday's impeachment trial, be a patriot, and not think Donald Trump should be convicted. And even though Republican Senators will probably just sit idly by and allow this Trump led carnage to go unpunished, yesterday's proceedings created a historical record for all future generations to see just how close Democracy came to falling that day. They will read it, watch it, and study it in horror. 

  • We learned for the first time yesterday that the Trump Insurrectionists were on the verge of killing Mitt Romney had he not been directed away from where he was walking -- which was right into them. 

  • Trump's failure to stop the riot once it began cannot be understated. He loved it. He wanted it. He wanted to see the country burn all because he couldn't handled forever being labeled a "loser."  And this moment yesterday from a Texas representative wasn't hyperbole. 

  • But the biggest news about January 6th occurred after the trial. Politico reported this morning that new Republican Senator Tommy Tuberville, a Trump loyalist, inadvertently revealed late yesterday that he spoke directly to Trump during the riot and told him that VP Mike Pence was in danger and had just been evacuated. Shockingly, that was the same time that Trump tweeted out to the mob that Pence had failed him. Pence was evacuated at 2:15 p.m. Trump tweeted about Pence at 2:24 p.m. Trump was basically trying to get Pence killed. 

  • Sorry, girl, I don't believe you for one single second. Welcome to the world of personal responsibility and consequences.  

  • And another one from North Texas was arrested yesterday.

  • <Record scratch sound>

  • News that Bruce Springsteen was arrested for DWI broke yesterday, but there's lots of odd aspects to it: (1) It happened back in November, (2) His blood-alcohol concentration was only 0.02, and (3) it's a "federal charge" because it happened in a national park. 

  • Larry Flynt of Hustler fame has died. He gave us a great Supreme Court First Amendment case which held that Jerry Falwell couldn't  recover money damages just because Flynt hurt his feelings and was mean to him.  And he also brought us a fantastic movie starring Woody Harrelson where Flynt got to play a small part in as a trial judge.

  • On of my favorite movie lines occurred in that film when Flynt's lawyer threatened to quit since he was such a difficult client. "You don't want to quit me," Flynt's character said, "I'm your dream client: I'm the most fun, I'm rich, and I'm always in trouble."
  • Mark Cuban caved in record time yesterday once the NBA slapped him down about not playing the National Anthem. That whole episode was weird. Pick a fight, run your mouth, and then cower down all within 24 hours.  Why do that?

  • Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick, always looking for publicity when he's not committing crimes, proposed a law yesterday that the Dallas Mavericks shall play the National Anthem since the AAC was built with public funds.   Why stop there? Why not force every game attendee to kneel, bow, and and worship the government if they drove on a public road to get there? Moron. 

  • I'm a little late to this: The daughter of a former backup Cowboys quarterback who has something to do with Star Wars is in hot water because she compared something to the Holocaust?