Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts


  • I had forgotten about my gift of autographed photo. Former Fox 4 Good Day host Megan Henderson is still in California by the way. 
  • This was a last second advisory at 7:20 a.m. as it began to mist this morning with freezing temperatures. 

  • This Britt Reid accident story is already messy, and it might get messier. The cops got a warrant for his blood after the accident, but he wasn't arrested. That's unusual. If an officer thinks he has probable cause to obtain a blood search warrant then he, by definition, has probable cause to arrest. The only time I've seen someone not arrested in this situation is if  they required hospitalization, but I'm not sure that's the case here. "Britt Reid had non-life-threatening injuries, the police said, but complained of stomach pain and was also taken to a hospital after the crash."

  • Lots of news about a water plant in Florida being hacked where settings were changed to release an unsafe amount of sodium hydroxide. I've been preaching it for years: We are a sitting duck for some type of cyber attack.

    • That being said, I'd tap the brakes on this story.  My patented Something-Ain't-Right Detector™ is going off. I don't know what it is, but something isn't adding up.  But I can already tell this isn't some sophisticated attack.  The "hacker" utilized the water plant's own purchased software called TeamViewer which, by design, allows employees to remotely access computers and servers.  (It's like GoToMyPC for those who've used that.) 

  • Trump's impeachment attorneys filed a legal brief citing a conspiracy website which has been full of nutty stories for years. (And they need a proof-reader more than I do: "ani-government")

  • Lots of blaming go around this morning in connection with teen or near-teen suicide.
    • A trading app gets blamed.

    • A social media app gets blamed when at teen dies of a drug overdose.

  • I've made reference to this story out of Midland before, but it still astonishes me. An assistant DA moonlighted as the legal clerk for judges who presided over criminal cases his office was prosecuting including one which put a man on death row. Amazing. 
    • These paragraphs from that story struck a cord with me for the two points it makes: (1) Prosecutors are given a pass for their intentional and reckless conduct, and (2) defense lawyers are either to lazy and apathetic to call them out -- or they are just scared to do so.  

  • I'm even more confused by the $12,500 procedure than how this all happened in the first place. (By the way, I'm also very suspicious about all aspects of this story. Once again, something ain't right.) 

  • A plane was  dumping (presumably) water on a small island on Lake Bridgeport on Friday afternoon in a fire fighting training exercise. It made a least 10 practice runs. 

  • There were already questions about the ridiculousness of freshman Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-Colorado) getting reimbursed by her campaign for  $21,199.52 in "mileage" expense (which was reported in campaign filings on November 11, 2020). Now it's being revealed that she coincidentally paid off $18,999.36, in tax liens on her gun-themed restaurant on Oct. 22, 2020. Oh, and all this is completely unrelated to her tweets on the day of the Trump Insurrection Riot giving the location of Nancy Pelosi. 

  • Her BFF is at it again this morning: It couldn't have been Trump supporters who stormed the Capitol building. Sheesh.   The Republican Party has been hi-jacked. (And I didn't even mention her press conference on Friday where she proclaimed this about Trump: “The party is his - it doesn’t belong to anybody else.”)

  • Just saw that Patrick Mahomes is having foot surgery tomorrow and will be rehabbing for "several months."
  • I started up House of Cards again and am now halfway through Season Five. I think it's one of my favorite TV shows of all time. It's like The West Wing on acid.