Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • Texas Hospitalizations: We continue to rocket further into already dangerous territory.  (Concerning "active cases", the Wise County dashboard was updated yesterday to show 392 cases which I think would be a record.)

  • And Georgia sends control of the Senate to the Democrats!

    • Please note: The Official Liberally Lean Election Prognostication Booth has not officially called the race for Ossoff, but my political scientists on staff tell me they feel pretty good about it. 
    • To put last night into perspective:

    • Trump's strategy of saying elections are fake and that Republicans leaders in Georgia are corrupt really paid off.  Fine job. 
    • "I'm not going to lie to you. This is bad. This is terrible." - Mark Davis on 660AM this morning. 
    • Trump's official statement this morning on Georgia:

    • The official statement of Majority Leader Mitch McConnell's replacement:

  • And now we move on for some Light Treason in Washington D.C. today. 
    • First we've got the disturbing Dog and Pony show in Congress this afternoon where a group of Trump Republicans commit and act of sedition as they object to the acceptance of electoral votes cast by the states of the United States.  How does noted dirty lib George Will feel about this?: 

    • Even John Cornyn is not a treasonous nut:

    • Nor is Liz Cheney:

    • But we've got a ton of Proud Boys and the like in D.C. making one last stand for their Leader.   Every cult eventually dies. 

      Who pays for that set up? 

    • I think every Republican needs to announce if they are a "Trump Republican" or not. Are they Ted Cruz or John Cornyn? Pick a side. Everyone deserves to know. 
      (Just a little mob violence being encouraged)

    • Who would have thought that the civil war the Trump Republicans really wanted was one within the Republican Party. But I need to remind you again, Lindsey Graham predicted all of this. 

    • And moments ago, Trump offered up one last delusional gasp of full fledged Treason. But it will be somewhat entertaining to see exactly how lap dog Mike Pence handles all of this. 

  • Moment of Silence: Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are headed for divorce. Flashback: 

  • The Texas Highways magazine just released an article on six Texas daytrips and one of them starts in Decatur. 

  • World record?

  • Messenger: Above the Fold