Random Monday Morning Thoughts


  • Texas hospitalizations: A new record was set yesterday. (For local vaccine news, see my post from Friday.)

  • This week in Sedition and Treason:
    • Trump went full Mob Boss. "So what are we going to do here, folks? I only need 11,000 votes. Fellas, I need 11,000 votes,” Trump said. "There's nothing wrong with saying, you know, um, that you've recalculated," he said.  

    • What would have happened if Georgia was not being led by honest and decent people who stood up to Trump's attempted theft of an election? We are hanging onto democracy by a thread. Seriously. There's no way we survive another 50 years. 
      "The call sounded OK to me."

    • On the other hand, we had the Jim Crow Caucus form over the weekend as the Republican Party began to split apart. It's the Regular Republicans vs. The Trump Is My Führer Republicans and, honestly, I don't know which side is larger. 

    • Ted Cruz is the worst Trump sycophant of all. Here's a flashback tweet of the man he worships. He knows from experience this is all a big con, but he still wants to be in on it:

    • The fact that all 10 living Defense Secretaries feel the need to sign a joint letter should scare us all. 

    • Even conservative Texas lawmaker Chip Roy knows his colleagues are crazy. He asks: How can the same election be full of fraud if at the same time we are willing to accept all the Congressional Republican wins? 
  • There was a wild shooting at a church in East Texas yesterday, but it all started Saturday night. Sheriff's deputies and DPS Troopers got into a high speed chase with a guy who eventually wrecked out. He even got away despite a "manhunt."  The next morning, a preacher and his wife found the suspect hiding in a church bathroom and had him lay on the ground at gun point. Then "the pastor got distracted . . .  talking to his wife and the suspect lunged at him and was able to take the firearm out of his hand."

  • The Fifth Circuit quickly shot down Louis Gohmert's goofy lawsuit on Saturday. But my favorite part was hours before Gohmert's lawyers missed a deadline because they were surprised to find out that when you convert a Google Doc to Microsoft Word that you have some formatting issues. All of the litigation has been led by a Confederacy of Dunces. 

  • Speaking of, did you see where lawyer and Trump supporter Lin Wood called for VP Pence to be executed by firing squad?  He's so crazy that even Trump's "Elite Strike Force" legal team had to distance from him. (And Wood went even crazier in the middle of last night. And, trust me, it's crazier.)

  • A Dallas lawyer on the Decatur legal team trying to recover a $97 million verdict that was vacated on appeal has authored a Motion for Rehearing with the court. I'm no expert appellate lawyer, but I don't know if I'd start my Motion out with a veiled insult at the court. 

  • Random sports observations:
    • How about them Cowboys? Why do you guys gets sucked in year after year? But I think I'm in the tiny, tiny minority of people who isn't convinced replay would have overturned the call that it was a reception by Dante Pettis. (Yes, I know it really doesn't matter since the Eagles mailed it in during the 4th quarter last night.)
      "Oh, they would have overturned that catch.
      It was fake news." 

    • Why is Notre Dame so highly regarded year after year? And this graphic doesn't even include Saturday's shellacking by Alabama.

    • The Evil Empire shocked me this weekend by firing Tom Herman. In Memoriam, I link to the 2017 Sledgehammer clip.

    • The box score in the Texas 5A game between Sharyland Pioneer and Liberty Hill got my attention. Liberty Hill won 56-53.

    • Earlier in the year I posted a clip of a Denton Ryan receiver making a one handed end zone catch. He did it again on Saturday. Clips here and here of it. It made #3 on ESPN's Top 10. He has committed to Texas.