Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts


  • Texas Hospitalizations: +398. That's a big jump from an already record high.  Dallas, Denton, Tarrant, and Collin Counties also set record highs yesterday. I presume the same thing is happening in Wise County. 

  • Rumors of her death were greatly exaggerated.

  • I'm hearing some long time employees are being let go at the Wise County Sheriff's Office without the dignity of being given an explanation. 
  • Ok, this is funny

  • But even as I laugh, it is mind-boggling to think that in the history of the United States we have a president who won't graciously concede and instead is fighting to hold onto power.  It has never happened before.

  • We've got the final list of candidates for legislative special election for the state rep seat that surrounds Wise County. Spiller is from Jacksboro, Brinkley is from Cooke County, Carter ran for SD30 and got only 5% of the vote, and I don't know about John Berry (other than I don't think it's the same guy I saw in concert at Billy Bob's back in the day.) I see there's a Charles Gregory running as a Democrat, but I don't know who that is. There was someone by that same name who ran as a Republican in a special election for SD 18 in 2014 (he got 2% of the vote), but I don't know if that is the same guy. 

  • Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton, who is in Washington D.C. to rally on behalf of Trump (and probably beg for a pardon), won't tell Texas taxpayers how much of our money he has spent on his silly lawsuits challenging the election -- lawsuits which were summarily dismissed. The only thing we know so far is that the Texas taxpayer has spent $12,000 on printing costs

  • I don't even know where the 46th Judicial District is, but could you make the effort to put on a tie? (I'm seeing this more and more and it drives me nuts.)

  • I'm beginning to think Trump is not going to show us the Republican health care bill he's told us for years was being unveiled "in a couple of weeks." 
  • I was going through the Texas Monthly Bum Steer Awards and saw the one below. You know, the teacher probably shouldn't have been so blunt, but what she was trying to teach is valuable. That simple knowledge of a freshman in high school would have prevented the big embarrassment in Wise County criminal justice history. No one in authority understood that the lack of a match at any genetic location on a DNA report eliminates a person as the contributor. 

  • And it has happened elsewhere.  In the very same issue of Texas Monthly there was a story on the wrongful conviction of Lydell Grant.  What lead to his wrongful imprisonment? No one knew how to read a DNA report. (An "allele" is simply a genetic "location" and, once again, not having a match at every single location, much less 26 of them, eliminates the person as a suspect.) 
    (And she's being nice. She really didn't need an Excel spreadsheet to see
    that it "was pretty straightforward.")

  • This is really amazing. The three wins are against Seattle in 2018,  Detroit in 2015 and Philadelphia in 2010. History is here.

  • Ticket Fans: All morning long, the Ticket Ticker guy has been saying "Baylor is #1 in the latest AP poll." No they are not.  But he is right about Texas jumping to #4. 
  • I don't believe the headline below about "high hopes for marijuana" (although it's clever.) On September 28, 2018, Gov. Greg Abbott looked you right in the eye during a debate and said, “What I would be open to talking to the legislature about would be reducing the penalty for possession of two ounces or less from a class B misdemeanor to a class C misdemeanor.” He lied.