Random Thursday Morning Thoughts


The Treason Finale of Trump's America

  • Let that image be seared into your mind. It is the legacy of Donald Trump. 
  • So you thought I was being hyperbolic with all that Treason and Sedition talk? Yesterday a mob of thugs, who up until that point had been "standing back and standing by", came to D.C. at the direction of Donald Trump with the intent to overthrow the government. "It's going to be wild!" Trump had tweeted. Giuliani demanded "trial by combat" before the masses yesterday morning. 

  • Mitt Romney said it best on the Senate floor last night: "What happened here today was an insurrection, incited by the President of the United States."
  • Yes, it was an attempted violent coup on the United States of America led by Donald Trump. It was the most shocking day since 9/11 and, in some ways, more shocking because this time the enemy came from within. But Trump is not alone. These are the faces who instigated domestic terrorism: 
  • I said yesterday the real Trump MAGA Republicans want a civil war, and now there's obvious proof for all to see. And it was so obvious that it was coming. Have you not listened to conservative talk radio since the election? It's hard to find a caller who does not advocate violence. And the hosts simply dance around the comments fully knowing their audience is advocating treason  -- an audience which all belong to the cult who worships one man. 
    They put it on a shirt yesterday

  • The Capitol, a beacon of liberty, was desecrated. And a woman, who was a gullible QAnon nut, has died. Trump and his henchmen have blood on their hands. I've written before that Trump is a clear and present danger to the United States, and I was right about him all along. Hell, he told us who he was even when he didn't know he was doing it. Put it on his tombstone: 

  • George W. Bush doesn't mince words: 

  • To my Republican friends who never were part of The Cult, I feel for you. Donald Trump has destroyed your Party. And as Donald Jr. told the angry mob yesterday, it is now Trump's Republican Party. 

  • No, Ted Cruz, you don't get to lead an insurrection by the very people you pander to and then do a 180. If you're going to start a riot, own it. You're a coward and a disgrace to Texas. 

  • Ken Paxton is your Republican Texas Attorney General and an integral part of the insurrection. He traveled to D.C. and spoke yesterday morning before that mob.  He is a crook and a liar and now is involved in a cover-up for those who tried to overthrow the United States by denying who they were.

  • The Capitol Police were a joke. I have a harder time getting into the Wise County Courthouse than thugs did getting into the Capitol.  (Video of the police removing barriers for them.)  And if you haven't heard Joe Scarborough of Morning Joe go off on them this morning, you have to. It's not often you hear an F Bomb dropped on morning TV at 5:15 in the morning. 

  • How the hell did this moment even happen? (Video.) One cop against a mob. 

  • And once they were in, I was thinking the same thing as this guy: 

  • The National Guard was finally brought in. But it was Pence not Trump who had to order them in. This needs to be a bigger story. (But it's perfectly "clear" why Trump "did not give the order.") 

  • The images on the attack on the United States will never go away. They will haunt Trump Republicans wherever they go and remind the rest of us of how dangerous they were to what we hold so dear. Let's look at some of them. Most can be enlarged with a click. 

  • At its core, this is exactly what the Cult of Trump is all about. 

  • There's the Stars and Bars again during this celebration of "Law and Order."

  • They were going to take hostages with zip-ties. 

  • A ceremonial (?) noose for lynching. 

  • The American flag replaced with a Trump flag. 

  • I have no words.

  • Looting. And without a fear in the world. 

  • Annuit Coepits: "He has approved our undertakings."

  • "Camp Auschwitz"

  • And, finally, remember how Trump's government reacted to a planed peaceful BLM protest? Here it is. An army defended the Lincoln Memorial from no one. Make no mistake about it, if the mob yesterday had been black they would have been shot in the face. If they had been Muslim, they would be at Guantanamo Bay to he held for years without a trial. 

  • This is cause for multiple front pages, and I see a theme. I'm just a spare guy from "the humble confines of Wise County", but I've been trying to warn you all along.