Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts


  • Tonight: "It's the Season Finale of America."
    (Ok, maybe I'm a little worked up this morning.)

  • Texas Hospitalizations: +79.

  • Trump made one last appeal to the nation this morning on Fox and Friends. 

  • Things I'm interested in (and some predictions) other than the presidential race: 
    • The 12 contested judicial races in Tarrant County. After the primaries, I spent several bullet points predicting an ill wind was blowing for Republicans there. And if one goes, they all will probably all go. 
    • Whether phony Jeff Leach loses his Texas House seat in Collin County. (He's just a personal nemeses who I picked out of nowhere.)
      "You got dope in that truck, pretty boy?"

    • Also in Collin County, how bad Colin Allred beats Genevieve Collins in their Congressional race. 

    • Whether Islamophobic Beth Van Duyne loses in her bid to get to Congress. (Any of you remember "Clock Boy"?)

    • If Trump carries Wise County by more than the 83.84% he did last time. (I'm still amazed by that number. I mean, I know you people very well, but sheesh.) 
    • Whether Democrats take the Texas State House. There's a real possibility of this happening. That's probably the biggest story no one is paying attention to. 
    • Whether there is a Blue Wave in Denton County.  I think something really weird is going on next door. 
    • The margin of victory of Cornyn over Hegar. I don't think that one is close. 
  • I'm voting for Lady Gaga's shoes. 

  • Presidential Predictions/Thoughts:
    • I think we will know who wins by 2:00 a.m. There will not be a long drawn out fight in the courts. There might be threats of lawsuits, but nothing substantive. 
    • Florida doesn't wait until the polls close to count its early votes and will release them when  the polls close. If that shows Biden clearly winning Florida, the entire presidential race can be called by 9:00 p.m. If Biden wins Florida, it's over. 
    • I don't think there will be a clear winner of Florida by 9:00 p.m. 
    • I don't think Biden wins Texas. We forget that Trump beat Hillary 52% to 43% in 2016. I'll call it Trump 51% to Biden's 47%.  Texas turning Blue will happen soon but that day is not today.
    • But if Biden wins Texas, it is the story tomorrow. Heck, it would decide the entire next generation of presidential races in one single swoop. 
    • I don't know what the combination of states it will be, but the Official Liberally Lean Triple Play Take-It-To-The-Bank Bet-The-House prediction: It's Biden over Trump. 
    • This isn't a race of the Pro-Biden vote vs. the Pro-Trump vote. It is the Anti-Trump vote vs. the Trump vote.  And I think the Anti-Trump vote comes out with a vengeance. 
    • Remember four years ago when I tried to get a guy to bet me $20,000 that Hillary would beat Trump? Yep, me too. 
  • If you really like polling and predictions for this presidential race, go to this page on fivethirtyeight.com especially if you are on desktop/laptop where you can hover your mouse over various things. It is so cool. 

  • In all of Texas, there are only three contested DA races on the ballot today. 
  • I had a traumatic dental issue this morning. Let's just say: (1) I'm glad wearing a mask is acceptable, and (2) Right now I look like a certain boxer from back in the day. 

  • If you haven't voted, go ahead and do it for if no other reason than this: It feels good. 
  • The Lincoln Project tries to bring it home . . . 

  • "'Good luck. We're all counting on you.' - Airplane (1980)"  -- Liberally Lean (2020)