Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • Texas Hospitalizations: 5,691. It's been a little flat over the last four days. I'm beginning to think this isn't going to be as dramatic as late June, but it's still trending up.

  • Early voting is over. Here's a handy map showing, in green, counties where early voting exceeded the entire voting total of 2016. It's almost entirely big cities and their suburbs. But look at little Wise County sneaking in there. (My crackerjack Graphics Department added the "x" on us.) I have no idea what this means.

  • The Tarrant County Republican Party, which is understandably scared the entire county will turn Blue after Beto beat Cruz there two years ago, is sending these flyer out in the mail in support of Republican judges who are up for election. Not only do they fall back on scare techniques ("dangerous criminals"),  they are lying here: Only three of the judges pictured have criminal jurisdiction. All the others are civil or family court judges. 

  • The Trump vendor was out in Bridgeport yesterday at 101/380 selling Trump flags . . . and Confederate flags. 

  • It's finally here tomorrow. 

  • The Trump rolling caravans (affectionately referred to as “Y’all Qaeda” by some) were all over the place this weekend, but it was wild on I-35 when a Bubba Truck went to the shoulder and forced a Biden bus-trailing car out of the far right lane. Trump approved of the conduct even though both the FBI and Texas DPS said they would investigate. 

  • Someone needs to tell the Dallas Morning News that one week before Saturday's game against TCU, Baylor played Texas.  (Unless this is some glitch in the Matrix.) 
    Yesterday's TCU game recap story

    From Saturday's preview story

  • Saw stuff like this a lot last night, and it was all funny. (GIF, which is even funnier, is here.)

  • Remember young ladies, there's a "place for you in America" if you meet certain conditions. Video.

  • Halloween comedy.

  • Legal technical stuff: We had an appellate court ruling last week that, under the standing COVID Emergency Orders issued by the Texas Supreme Court, if a criminal defendant and the trial judge want to proceed to a trial before a court without a jury, they can force the State to do it. 
  • I finally watched Taxi Driver for the first time this weekend. It's basically Joker. And both are equally disturbing for their day in time. 
  • A federal judge will now rule on the Republicans effort to boot 127,000 Texas votes today (he'll throw it out like the Texas Supreme Court did yesterday) . . .