Random Thursday Morning Thoughts


  • Texas hospitalizations: -64. During the surge in the summer, we would never get these random negative days. The curve is going to be so much flatter this time. That being said,  Wise County schools seem to be getting hit quite a bit right now.

  • A small fire at McCarroll Middle School in Decatur has closed the campus today. As with 99% of all fires, "the cause of it is still under investigation." Ands that never really changes. 
  • Still a tiny bit of drama in the presidential election but, as the most trusted in man in weather and political prognostication, I'm telling you it's over. Arizona might/possibly/could be slipping away from Biden, but Pennsylvania -- which is headed towards Biden with 11% of the votes still to be counted -- should flip in his favor this morning after tons of ballots from the Philadelphia area are counted. Once Pennsylvania goes for Biden, it's a done deal regardless of what happens in Arizona. And I'm not that concerned about Arizona. (After all, Fox News promised me on Tuesday night it would go to Biden.) 
    (First update this morning was at 8:08 a.m. and decreased deficit by over 10,000 )

  • What's happening in Pennsylvania shouldn't come as a shock. I'm not talking about the ultimate result -- no one had strong convictions about that -- I mean the fact that it would start in Trump's favor and then moved towards Biden. The question was always going to be how much. Like I said yesterday, it's all because the state didn't count mail-in ballots until after the polls closed. And everyone told us this would happen. Bernie Sanders prediction on Jimmy Fallon's show was amazingly spot on. And 538 wrote about it last week

  • Georgia, for what it's worth, will come down to the wire. Trump's lead has now shrunk to 18,540 votes, but there's only 4% left to be counted. A Biden win makes everything else irrelevant. I'm not ruling that out. I think they will have a big update at 10:00 CST. 

  • After watching footage of the workers do it, I think we can all agree that the job of opening up mail-in ballots looks like an absolute beating. 
  • The various legal challenges yesterday by the Trump campaign are silly and not a good look. They are going nowhere. And when you bring in as your point men your second favorite son and a guy who was just fooled by a fake Kazakhstan teenage reporter, it's a bad omen. 
    "Do you think we're stupid? Do you think we're fools?" - Rudy

  • Speaking of not a good look, don't do this. 

  • Or this. 

  • Is there a chance that Trump could still pull this off? Mathematically, yes. And you can't rule out the impact of their new back up plan from Trump's press secretary:

  • But that's a better plan than this guy had yesterday. (It's worth a watch if you haven't seen it.)
  • And they do mean "impassioned." Or it could be a dance club hit if someone would put it to music. Watch. (Bonus fun is just to watch a guy stroll across in the background from time to time.)  Edit: Someone put it to music. Not bad. 

  • A reminder that having a joint in Texas subjects you to up to 180 days in county jail and a $2,000 fine. 

  • Messenger: Above the Fold (I forgot yesterday.)