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Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • Breaking at 7:50 a.m.: Pennsylvania finally has Biden in the lead. 

  • About four hours ago, Georgia finally tipped towards Biden. Fox News reporting . . . 

  • But with all this focus on Pennsylvania and Georgia over the last two days, they might be just gravy on what now appears to be an "overwhelming" landslide. If Biden holds onto Arizona (still tight there), those two states aren't even needed.  It would end up 306 to 232. Flashback: 

  • It's over. 
  • What kind of award do you guys think I'll win for being the Best Political Prognosticating Expert in the Southwest Proper? Do I have to apply somewhere, or will a truck just show up with a bunch of trophies?
  • Trump's first appearance yesterday was a sad and embarrassing for him. He had the tone and words of a defeated man. Quick thoughts: 

    • First, that's not my Liberally Lean spin. The Trump-friendly New York Post lambasted him immediately afterwards.

    • If he thinks there is election fraud, prove it. Heck, I want to see it! But he can't. Everyone knows he can't. That's why this is, uh, "so sad."

    • He's been planning this strategy for months. Every time he opened his mouth he would say that if he lost it would only be because of fraud. We knew this was exactly what he would say if he lost. 
    • He's really a simple man led by a simple proposition. For a reason I'll never understand, he sees every moment as having a winner or a loser. And there's nothing worse to him than being branded a loser. That's why he's trying to brand himself as the victim because that makes him, in his eyes, not a "loser." This isn't hard to understand. 
    • As for his disciples, why do you  find it so hard to believe that a guy, who Hillary beat by 3 million votes four years ago, lost the popular vote and the electoral college this time? 
    • Democrats are so good at fraudulent voting they failed to take control of the Senate and lost seats in the House? Republicans performed fantastically. It's Trump who did not. 
  • Fox News has a moment of truth coming: When do they finally make the call and project Joe Biden as the next President of the United States?  Or is there a chance they don't? Make no mistake about it, Rupert Murdoch, as hard as it is to believe, is a newsman at heart. Yes, he has his pseudo-entertainment and money-making stars of Hannity, Carlson, and a Ingraham but he is a newsman. And the news section, although decimated with departures over the last four years, is still much different than the Fox News opinion section.  Chris Wallace is in charge. And my prediction is that Fox News, just like they did with Arizona, will do the responsible and truthful thing and make that call . . . today. 

  • Junior is a clear and present danger to the United States. 

  • If you think that these remaining battleground states of Pennsylvania, Georgia, Nevada, etc. have been doing a horrible job of getting the votes counted, you're wrong. For example, did you know that Texas is at 96%, Florida is at 95% and California is only at 77%.  But you don't hear about that because the margin of victory is so large that those states can be safely "called." 
  • Speaking of votes being counted, Biden took the lead in Tarrant County yesterday 403,698 to 403,271. Despite others proclaiming "Tarrant has turned Blue!", I disagree. And my proof is the results for races down the ballot, specifically judges. Let's face it, no one knows who to vote for when you get down that far and a voter is only going to do one thing: Default to their party of Republican or Democrat. In those judgeships in Tarrant, they all had consistent numbers of 53% for the Republican judge and 46% for the Democrat.  That's not by coincidence. That is straight party voting without the straight party button. And, as a result, Tarrant County for now still leans Red. Here are just four random judicial race results:

  • Ken Paxton, who is always in trouble, is in bigger trouble.  Go to the link if interested. 
  • Texas hospitalizations: +82

  • Time that has passed since the Wise County Sheriff's Office has failed to solve the murder of Lauren Whitener at Lake Bridgeport: 1 year, 4 months, 1 day.
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