Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts


  • Wise County active cases: 8. (Huh? We dropped to 8?)
  • Texas hospitalizations: (+164. My "it's leveling off" theory stays alive.)

  • Baylor/La. Tech, which was Fox's national noon kickoff game on Saturday, has been postponed due to 38 Tech players getting the COVID. They'll never get this college football season in, right? And this news will probably have them tap the brakes even harder: 

  • According to the Update, the Alvord High School football team has been hit with Friday's game now in jeopardy. This is about to happen all over the state, right? I'm stunned we haven't seen a tidal wave of games being postponed or cancelled. 
  • With the resignation of Rene√© Hall, the cities of Dallas, Fort Worth, Arlington and Decatur are all looking for future police chiefs. I turned on Hall after she came back from her unexplained medical leave and had her own cameraman waiting for her in the parking garage when she returned to work. She pretended to be surprised by the camera as she gave a prepared remarks. It also bugged me that she had a driver and sat in the back of the SUV. (Yes, weird things bug me.)

  • When I saw this headline, I didn't believe it. I have never heard of an assistant DA in Texas having a side gig as a judicial clerk for the judge who hears cases that he prosecutes. But get this: Midland County Assistant District Attorney Ralph Petty was not only the judge's clerk, he earned $1,700 for advising the judge how to rule on matters directly related to this death penalty case he was prosecuting!

  • Last night Trump told the most gullible people in the world, his hard core base, that Mexico was actually paying for the (non-existent new) wall with tollbooths. (Spoiler alert: There are no tollbooths.)

  • This is about as relevant as the past naked pics of the First Lady.

  • Remember my bullet point yesterday about the fake story going around about a sex-trafficking ring? I've got an addendum. Here it is: Oh, for [expletive deleted] sake: 

  • Hey, I take everything Michael Cohen says with a grain of salt but Trump did choose him as his personal lawyer and fixer. He was on Rachel Maddow last night for this:

  • Luby's is dead. Fuddruckers is dead. Fun fact: The last time I ate at Fuddrucker's I made a dramatic life altering decision. I would attend its funeral if it had one. We go way back. 

  • Moments ago, Trump was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. I'll let it go with no snark. The man could use some good news. 
  • Messenger: Above the Fold