Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts


  • Wise County active cases: No idea. We haven't had an update since Thursday.
  • Texas hospitalizations: -178 (My "it's going to flatten out" theory isn't looking very good.)

  • Oh, my! Alvord ISD is closed today. I remember asking about a month ago as to what the procedure will be if a random  student tests positive. Thus far, I have my answer: The reaction is wildly different depending on the school district. 

  • The TEA is collecting COVID data on all school districts in Texas beginning this month, but I can't find the results anywhere.
  • The vehicles damaged at Boyd ISD property that I mentioned yesterday was due to the "keying" of automobiles. 
  • So our military leaders (not the politicians) want to see their young men die in wars for profit? (Video)

  • You ever wonder what happens when a whole generation is humiliated by not achieving the "American dream"? 

  • I don't know how the NCAA makes it through football season. After TCU/SMU was cancelled on Friday because of a COVID outbreak, yesterday officials had to postpone "for a week" the game of Oklahoma State and Tulsa due to cases in Tulsa. 
  • Snowflake?

  • Saw this lie being spread around everywhere over the last couple of weeks. It was all started by a sensational headline from a government press release. The devil was in the details. 

  • Trump has sent out over 60 tweets before 9:00 a.m. EST this morning. Every single one of you which lives from paycheck to paycheck has too many responsibilities to engage in that much of a time waste. 
  • I saw Karen Carpenter was trending (the masses are debating great voices), and I was/am a huge fan. She died at 32 of an eating disorder. Which made me think that we don't hear about anorexia as much as we used to. And with the cesspool that is social media beating everyone down, you would think it would worse.

  • I took out my protractor, compass, and maps yesterday, and I feel pretty good about this little Liberally Lean Weather Take It To The Bank Forecast: It will be cooler when you wake up tomorrow (around 70°) but around 2:55 p.m., as it hits a high of only 74°, it'll start heading down to an overnight low of around 63°. It's no bone chilling cold front, but it'll be nice for a day or so.