Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • The hardest working man in show businesses even on Labor Day.
  • Wise County active cases: 24 (last updated on Friday)
  • Texas hospitalizations: -360 since Friday

  • You think a cool front and a temperature drop is coming from mid-week? Just look at Boulder, Colorado and other parts of that state and the change from yesterday to tomorrow. This is crazy:

  • That's a heck of a picture from the Trump boat parade that sunk five vessels on Lake Travis on Saturday. 

  • Worst press release ever. "Sure I abused my ex-girlfriend but not that bad and, by the way, we were all liquored up in the hot tub and she's no angel."

  • Trump really got rocked by The Atlantic article revealing how he thinks those which died for our country are "losers." After it even got confirmed by Fox News (Trump called for that reporter to be fired), they had to roll out Melania to try and defend him. And it's perfectly normal, of course, to ask his base to attack a widow because of it.

  • I'll always have respect for the conservatives who saw Trump for who he was from the very beginning. You know, Bill Kristol, George Will, Max Boot, etc.  Matt Drudge is on that list and he is relentless.

  • And Kristol reminded us what Junior thinks about when he sees the graves of veterans. This was from Junior's own book. He put it in writing. 

  • And speaking of Micheal Cohen's book, this is insane. And he has pictures.

  • Not sure exactly what happened in Boyd. 

  • The what? (Yep, it's real. And it's in Texas.)

  • When I heard about the top seed at the U.S. Open being ejected for hitting a line judge with a ball, I thought it had to have been some kind of borderline assault-like situation. Uh, it wasn't that bad. Watch it. 

  • This case went to the Supreme Court a couple of years ago and it is jaw-dropping amazing. The very same Mississippi prosecutor tried this man six times and all six were overturned. Two for prosecutorial misconduct and the other four because he kept excluding blacks from the jury. 

  • Following up on that case, I loved Justice Alito in oral arguments when he basically asked the State why they couldn't have just thrown the racist prosecutor off the case at some point and let someone else take over?

  • A weird Jack County case was affirmed on appeal late last week.