Random Thursday Morning Thoughts


  • Wise County active cases: 14 (Alternative headline: "Wise County reports 75% Increase In Cases in 24 Hours!")
  • Texas hospitalizations: -97.

  • The Alvord Bulldogs game was cancelled early yesterday and then Chico High soon followed. Unless I'm wrong, the largest schools in the state just started practicing. Get ready for a wave of cancellations from them in the next two to three weeks. And if that happens, the UIL will shut the whole thing down. 
  • It's stuff like this that freaks people out. 

  • I've learned that a Wise County Sheriff's deputy was reportedly fired after getting into a over the top verbal confrontation with an agent from the Census Bureau who came to his house. This wasn't just a census "worker" but a census "official." The official was not to pleased with the incident and reported it. 
  • So Trump knew that the Coronavirus was incredibly lethal in February but he intentionally downplayed it because he "didn't want to panic" us?  He thrives on panicking his base. Imaginary caravans coming to the border. MS-13 waiting outside your door. The black man (gasp) coming to the suburbs (gasp). 

  • Flashback for Liberally Lean old-timers: Back in the wild west days when there used to be comments on here, didn't we have a big player on here named "Rage?" Do I have that name right? I never knew who he was, but he and WordKyle would get into the massive wars. I miss those days. And I don't. 
  • This really is amazing: On the exact same day that Trump was freely admitting to Woodward that he was downplaying the COVID virus despite knowing it was deadly, Joe Biden was pointing out the New York Times story that Trump had been, uh, downplaying the virus and misleading the public.

  • Some wonder why Trump would be dumb enough to be recorded for hours with Bob Woodward. Fox News, instead of relying on Occam's razor,  has decided to blame Lindsey Graham for "brokering the deal."  But I guess since they can't blame "anonymous sources" that someone has to be sacrificed at the Trump Alter. 

  • Meanwhile, let's check in on Lou Dobbs audition tape last night for North Korean State TV.

  • I don't care about baseball but look at this real score from last night: 
  • Nirvana's Smells Like Teen Spirit was released on this day 29 years ago. Some say that began the transition of alternative radio stations from new wave to grunge, and that was certainly true for DFW radio. Look at the playlist for The Edge back then. I loved the new wave stuff. And The Edge's playlist was littered with a wonderland of bands you had never heard of. (Side note: I can't figure out the three columns on the right. They can't be popularity ranking nor can they be "weeks released.")

  • Just for fun, here's a 1989 clip of Deion Sanders returning a punt return for a touchdown when with the Atlanta Falcons. 

  • Great photo: