Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts


  • Wise County active cases: 37. What? Where did this crazy increase come from?
  • Texas hospitalizations. They continue to go down but, as the most trusted source in COVID news, I'm cautiously sounding the alarm. We've got something weird going on. The number of tests being administered has gone from around 60,000 a day to 20,000, but the positivity rate is now at a record 22%. Throw in that the "tested positive" number was almost at 9,803 yesterday - almost a record.  Something is literally in the wind. 
  • As predicted, the Big 10 and PAC 10 canceled their football seasons yesterday. The Big 12 then announced its commitment to "move forward" but, I'm telling you, that isn't going to happen. 
  • Compare and contrast: So the best minds at Ohio State and Stanford don't think it is safe to play but Denton Ryan and Lake Worth think it is OK. 
  • The JP traffic ticket trial broadcast on Youtube yesterday wasn't the cluster I thought it would be, but still proved you can't adequately defend or prosecute someone via video. But, man, it was fun to watch. The final verdict was that she was found guilty of speeding but the jury failed to find she did so in a construction zone while workers were present (which would have doubled the  punishment range.) 

    • What was also fun was to watch other lawyers do a play by play of it on Twitter. I learned a lot from some of the constructive criticism some had of the participating lawyers. Other people just made me laugh.
    • Two prosecutors and two defense lawyers in a traffic ticket case proves there are too many lawyers in this state.
    • The whole jury selection and trial took the entire day (despite, you could tell, the judge and the lawyers had spent a lot of time the day before ironing out any issues that could cause any delays.) The whole trial done in person would have taken only the morning. 
  • A half-naked guy appearing in a mirror's reflection while Urban Meyer was giving an interview, and Meyer's freak out when he notices it, is equally bizarre and funny. Watch it
  • It's pronounced "Comma-la."
  • Let's check in on Hannity's prediction after last night's election. 
  • Seriously, I've noticed a shortage of Diet Mountain Dew, too -- my drink of choice and the cornerstone of any nutritious breakfast.
  • Patent Infringement litigation is the the new Wrongful Death litigation. And East Texas remains a plaintiff's haven regardless of the decade.  Yesterday: 
  • There are probably only a couple of you have seen it, but I watched The Last Narc on Amazon about the killing of a DEA agent by a Mexican cartel in the 1980s, and the alleged link to the CIA and Iran/Contra. Here's a hot opinion for those who have watched it: I'm not discounting the CIA's involvement, but I don't for one second believe the words coming out of the mouth of the show's star witness. 
  • Jerry Jones will speak in public today. I'm curious to what he'll look like. Has he been sick? 
  • Messenger: Above the Fold