Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • Wise County active cases: 61. That's a record. I've got an unconfirmed tip that our crazy jump in the numbers is due to a nursing home outbreak. 
  • Texas hospitalizations. I'm impressed by the consistency of this decline. But is anyone else a little suspicious that the decline started at the exact same time as the Trump Administration took the official reporting away from the CDC?
  • Texas schools are opening but late yesterday Stanford decided to shut the campus down. Yep. Stanford thinks it is not safe.
  • I wonder Trump is OK. He'd normally lose it over something like this. Video.
  • The United States Postal Service is going the way of Trump University and Trump Atlantic City Casino.  But this time he's trying to kill it. 
  • A Denton Guyer cross country runner died after practice yesterday morning. 
  • The sorriness of Mike Pence is so often over looked. This was incredible. We lost 22 million jobs this year and then Pence celebrated that just 9 million came back. (And, to boot, that 9 million figure, which isn't even true, is still less than the 11 million jobs added during the Obama administration.)

  • I'm convinced 30% of the population is nuts. Case in point, the host of The Mark Davis Show played this video on Tuesday of a Hasbro Troll Doll which, very weirdly, has a button in its private area which prompts it to make odd responsive noises. Is it a little crazy? Yep. How'd it get made? I have no idea. But his callers lit into him for not 100% buying into the theory that Hasbro intentional made the doll in order to groom children for pedophiles. (You can listen to it here. 8/11/20 at 8:00 a.m.) So people are crazy or most of Davis' listeners are members of QAnon. Both are possible.
  • Hot August Night Day.
  • I'm finally watching Outcry - the Showtime documentary about the Williamson County wrongful prosecution of the Leander High School football player. I get so pissed off watching things like this because I know how easily this good happen in our current system. And if this show doesn't burn these prosecutors to the ground, I'll be even more pissed off. The first episode (which is available on Amazon - the rest are on Showtime) even recaps the Michael Morton case calling out the prosecutors by name. It's great.
  • Williamson County is always a criminal justice train wreck. It even made the news today.
  • I almost hit a opossum in downtown Decatur this morning. (Put that on my bragging montage.)
  • "Sure, winning isn't every thing, It's the only thing." - Oft attributed to Vince Lombardi but was actually said by UCLA coach Red Sanders. Sanders died this day in 1958 of a heart attack while shirtless in a hotel room with a prostitute and an elderly man. Which just goes to show you, people have always been wheels off. 
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