Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • Wise County active cases: 52. My head is spinning. Since the very beginning, it was unusual to see our cases change by two or three from day to day. But this week the numbers have been Monday: 27, Tuesday: 37, and Wednesday: 52.  Take us DEFCON 3 and get me the President on horn. (By the way, it is the first day of school for Decatur ISD.)
  • Texas hospitalizations: But the downward streak continues. 
  • I missed this one yesterday morning. Again, is he trying to lose? And why is he dead set on courting the I'm So Scared Of The Black Man Coming To My Neighborhood vote?
  • 69 of the 73 college football programs who thus far have committed to playing this fall are located in Red States. 
  • The heck with DEFCON 3. Take us to DEFCON 2.
  • Maybe it's the boxed wine talking, but what exactly is she saying here?
  • Jerry Jones said the word grace 18 times yesterday in regards to how he plans to react to players kneeling during the National Anthem.  That made me think about the definition of grace. There's God's grace, you can say grace over a Thanksgiving turkey, and there's the Elanie Benes type of grace.
  • Everyone is making fun of Jerry talking about the "air flow" at Jerry World, but I think he was actually referencing something we don't know about: If the roof were to be opened but those massive glass panels at each end remained close (a combo we never see), I bet you would have a heck of a wind blast through any of the open doors fans would use to enter. You ever have one door open in your home on a windy day and then open up a door on the opposite side?  Boom! Wind blast + door slam. Now do that at Jerry World. I bet it is even dangerous. (But, yes, none of that has anything to do with COVID.) 
  • Below: Random speeding ticket filed yesterday in Wise County. That's 112 in a 70. That's not even close to the record set last year of 144 in a 70 (Cause no. JP1-C-244782.)
  • Trump nominated a young lady to be a U.S. district judge yesterday. She graduated from law school from Florida in 2012 and has spent most of her career working as a judicial clerk. I'm sure she's the most qualified person in the land. 

  • "How can Joe Biden call himself a man of faith and bring on someone like Kamala Harris." - Mike Huckabee filling in for Laura Ingraham on Fox News last night.
  • If you think the two guys are actually listening to Phil Collins' In the Air Tonight for the first time, I've got news for you. That's a bit. 
  • The idea of this guy being Wise County's state senator makes my head explode.
  • As I was stuck in a waiting room yesterday, I was beaten down to an oldies station and was forced to listen to Hotel California.  But I did think about this: If the song were released today, the lyric of "We haven't had that spirit here since 1969" would, in order to be consistent, have to be changed to "We haven't had that spirit here since 2012." That record was released in 1977.