Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts


  • Wise County active cases: 27.
  • Texas hospitalizations. That is one consistent drop. I think I'm counting 10 days in a row where there has been a decrease.
  • I'm guessing the Big 10 and PAC 10 cancel the Fall football season today (or at least be so afraid of the blowback that they secretly delay the announcement for a week.) The Big 12 will have to follow. 
  • The simplest pandemic question which stops people down on both sides of the crisis is: "What number of deaths is acceptable?"  Let's face it. There is an acceptable number to all of us. But none of us can dream of stating what that number is.  
  • We've got us a potential candidate for the state senate which covers Wise County: Shelley Luther. Remember when she was held in contempt for opening up her salon on May 5th. Remember May? When the rules were silly because it couldn't get much worse?
  • There were Confederate statue protesters in Weatherford last night. I saw the video clip below and my mind immediately went to: "What's the legal basis for the traffic stop?"  I could come up with a couple of reasons that would probably justify it, but "Mouthing off at protesters" can't be the sole basis. 
  • And we need to be very concerned about Joe Biden's gaffes
  • The first ever "binding Zoom criminal trial" will take place in Travis County today where a JP will hold a Class C speeding trial. I'd raise holy hell over that. Every person called for jury duty will log in from respective homes. If needed, they will be provided an iPad ahead of time. What a disaster. And you can watch it on youtube here. It is set to start at 9:00 a.m.
  • We had Amber Guyger news yesterday and today there's news on another cop convicted of murder. Former Balch Springs officer Roy Oliver's conviction was affirmed by the Dallas court of appeals. The opinion is here. He received 15 years in prison and a $10,000 fine.  (Legal note: I'm not sure why the designated it as "Do not publish" because there's some noteworthy stuff in it.)
  • Russia has developed a vaccine for the 'Rona. Or at least they claim. But I did laugh when I saw they named it "Sputnik V." Everyone loves bits. 
  • It happened two years ago in Key West, but video was released yesterday of handcuffs being put on an eight year old. Back story here.
  • When Monday throws you a curve ball. (You don't wanna know.)
  • I finally finished The Leftovers. Verdict: I'm not sure I've ever thought so much about a show in my life. It's Lost without being stupid and with an odd religious undertone . Weird, not perfect, but definitely an attention grabber.  Two thumbs up. I couldn't stop thinking about it even when I thought I hated it. Bonus: You get to see Wes Hightower from Urban Cowboy again. 
  • I've not been through Waco since they've started the I-35 construction. That looks like a mess. Scheduled completion date is 2023.
  • Jerry Jones is still missing.