Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • Wise County active: 13. That's -7 from yesterday. We must have had a someone selling a miracle elixir on the courthouse square that I missed.
  • Texas hospitalizations:
  • Nothing to see here. Just Liberty University president Jerry Falwell Jr. "posting a picture of himself with his pants unbuckled, underwear showing, a glass of  'wine' in his hand, and his arm around a woman’s waist?" He deleted it. (It was apparently from a party on a yacht with a theme of some TV show named "Trailer Park Boys" which doesn't clear things up one bit.)
  • New York magazine is taking no prisoners.
  • I don't run into Fort Worth that often, but has anyone else noticed the wrecked car on 287 sitting at a 45 degree angle under the overpass at the Saginaw cutoff? It's been there for weeks.
  • Another 287-into-Fort Worth observation: I'm no apartment mogul, but anyone else think it's weird to shove in a ton of new apartments in between the Williamson-Dickies plant and and a new monstrous self-storage warehouse?
  • It's election day in Arizona which means my long time nemesis Sheriff Joe, 88,  is trying to get his old job back. He's running to be the the Republican nominee to get the chance to face the incumbent who beat him by 11 points four years ago. Thoughts and prayers.
  • Trump seemed about as interested in Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick earlier this week as the rest of us are.
  • I don't know who on his staff is letting him do these interviews, and he got killed in the new Axios interview on HBO last night. All 35 minutes of it is on YouTube.  Spoiler alert: It ain't Frost/Nixon. 

  • TCU coach Gary Patterson had a team revolt yesterday when he used the N-word. He didn't call a player the word, he just uttered it when he told a player not to use it. And he did it on two separate days. The whole thing is a little weird, but I've bet his players have been looking for an excuse to dogpile him for years. He's said to be a royal jerk. 
  • It's been out for a while, but here is Texas Football's Preseason Top 10 for 4A.  This might be the only rankings you ever see. Decatur is #10. Random observations: #1 Waco La Vega beat Decatur in the state semis a couple of years back. Argyle is good at everything. I went through Dumas a couple of years back and it didn't look like a 4A town. I had never heard of El Campo. According to wiki, it looks like a consolidated school district between Houston and Victoria and has been 4A for over 40 years.   
  • Ringtones have gone away, haven't they?
  • Say what?
  • A Rockwall police officer and SRO has died of COVID.