Random Friday Morning Thoughts


  • Wise County active: 16 (-3 from yesterday.) I was going to ask if Ernest Angley had come through the county, but no one would understand what I'm talking about.
  • Texas hospitalizations:
  • I'm always checking in on conservative talk radio and there has been a major trend over the last month. That being: The pandemic is over-hyped and is all part of a master plan to get Trump out of office. "Just watch. It will go away after November 3rd." I bet I've heard that a dozens of times. I'm not sure what happened to the every-life-is-precious crowd.
  • Trump signed an Executive Order yesterday banning TikTok in 45 days. There's so much going on there: (1) It's just a stunt. It will never happen because he can't do it legally or practically, (2) How's that 20-something vote gonna work of for ya? (3) Remember when executive orders were evil? 
  • Yesterday, the State of Texas put the kibosh on jury trials through September.
  • The two students who took images at a Georgia High School have been suspended for doing so. North Paulding County high school principal Gabe Carmona made an announcement over the school intercom, warning that "Anything that is going on on social media that is negative on our light... there will be consequences for both students or anyone who sends out those pictures, so please be careful."  Someone needs to introduce Mr. Carmona to the First Amendment and §1983. This isn't a "Bong Hits For Jesus" type of case.
  • "Thighland." I've always heard its beaches were fantastic. 
  • This Texas alligator tried to munch on a 4 year old , but it didn't work out for him.  And for the first time in Liberally Lean history, I'll mention a game warden without dogging 'em. 
  • This will be built pretty close to Wise County. It will be on Highway 114 on this side of the Texas Motor Speedway.
  • Texas Tech's women's basketball coach was fired one day after a USA Today story came out. In just two years "12 players have left amid allegations of abuse by the coach and two assistants." That was quick.
  • Over the last two months we've seen a trend, especially in college football, of college athletes joining together in protest about the way they are treated and exploited.  As far as exploited, I still can't wrap my head around how we plan to go forward with this fall season by taking measures to protect predominately white crowds by limiting seating to 25% as they watch predominately black athletes roll around in piles on a field in front of them. And it's being done for one reason and one reason only: Money.
  • Funny bit. 
  • Tricked up: I don't even remember the Rangers playing an exhibition game in the Alamo Dome.
  • Messenger: Above the Fold
  • TTWF? Texas Tech University at Wichita Falls?: