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Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • Wise County active cases: 20. Or so they say.
  • Texas. I'll go with the hospitalizations chart for the next week or two. It was what first tipped most of us off in June that something was going very wrong. Anyone want to place any bets as to what happens in September?
  • By the way, all those people are in the hospital because of BIG testing. Damn the torpedoes! Full speed ahead. I learned that this morning: 
  • Men's clothing blood bath this morning: The parent companies of Men's Wearhouse,  Jos. A. Bank, and Lord & Taylor have filed for Chapter 11. Let me tell you something, ain't nothing wrong with the Men's Wearhouse. (Pop quiz: What's the difference between George Zimmer with George Zimmerman?)
  • From a female soldier getting murdered, to bodies being found on base, to a mass shooting, what's the deal with Fort Hood?  
  • Alan Dershowitz, who has been protesting a little bit too much whenever he is mentioned as part of the Jeffrey Epstein scandal, made my head spin because of this camera angle on Friday. (Here's the mystery solved.)
  • We had a great jail escape by two prisoners in of Oklahoma on Friday.  After leaving from the 12th floor, one jumped or fell when he got to the 4th floor and broke his leg. The other was captured later in the day.  (If you click it, you can get a better look at the make-shift rope they used.)
  • So I guess it would be wrong to hold this kid out an example if I want to go into a "So what have you done with your life?!" rant to the Senior in the House, huh?
  • Not sure how they are going to enforce this. (But the picture does accurately reflect every UT girl going to a party.)
  • Trump quick hits:
    • Two weeks and one day ago to Fox News' Chris Wallace regarding a replacement for Obamacare: 
    • That was not a big crowd in Froida last Friday.

    • He's not banning TikTok. He says crap like that all the time. (See Health care promise, above.)
    • He golfed both Saturday and Sunday. (And here's a quick video of him on Saturday taking four practice swings off the tee and then shanking his drive.)
  • I was well aware of his name, but I don't recall ever listening to Bill Mack, the "Midnight Cowboy", who died on Friday. But I didn't hear until this morning that he died of COVID.
  • I'm only five episodes into Schitt's Creek, but I'm putting at The Office or Arrested Development level of quality.  Very, very funny. 
  • Here's a "fun" legal question from an opinion that was just released. May police in Texas legally stop and detain you as you pull into your driveway for the alleged traffic violation of failing to use your turn signal if the red line below represents your undisputed path of travel through your neighborhood into your driveway? The court actually put that photograph in the opinion. (I added the red line for clarity.) The law says you have to use your signal if you "turn" -- and "turn" is not defined.
  • Answer: The trial court judge ruled, "You don't have to use your turn signal." Then the appellate court reversed him and said using the turn signal was required. So what's the big deal? If they didn't have the right to stop the driver, any evidence discovered as a result of the illegal stop couldn't be used against him. In this case, it was methamphetamine.   Side note: Your answer shouldn't change now that you know meth is involved. That plays absolutely no role in determining whether it was a legal or illegal stop.
  • COVID cant' touch them: SMU and Texas State just announced they were moving up their game to August 29th. (Then again, your high schoolers will be playing the day before.)