Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • Wise County active: 18. That's -3 from yesterday and puts us under the magical threshold number set by Texas to be released from restrictions. Honestly, I have no idea how that works. I think we would have to apply to be removed from the restrictions, and then I don't know what happens if the very next day we clock in at 21 cases. Would we automatically lose our exemption that was just granted?
  • Texas hospitalizations. The trend down continues (assuming the numbers aren't permanently jacked up since the reporting was transferred away from the CDC).
  • What exactly is the plan for Texas schools if some kid, which you know will happen, comes down with COVID? Sure, you send him home to self-quarantine, but what about the rest of the class? They just meet the next day like nothing happened?
  • I'm not sure I trust the Walmart crowd to behave once one car's occupants start mouthing at another car because, you know, "They were giving us the stink eye and disrespectin' us." (Looks like Prosper or Plano or your only local choices to find out.)
  • Everything has started off smoothly in that case. 

  • Heard one of the afternoon hosts on The Ticket say that he thought the amount of ammonia nitrate housed in the warehouse in Beirut "would have violated some zoning laws or something like that." 
  • There are just two places in Wise County where I can use Apple Pay with my iPhone. I feel extremely cocky and high tone when I get to use it. 
  • If Trump plans to win on the perceived Biden gaffes, Biden should invite him to a game show set in Yo-Semite named "Person. Woman. Man. Camera. TV." Seriously, that seems like a very bad topic to hang your hat on. 
  • You never hear about anyone just flat out freaking out when on their literal death bed. You would think that at least someone would have a panic attack when death is imminent. But I've never heard of that. I think that's weird. 
  • I keep seeing headlines that the FBI has "raided Jake Paul's home." I'll admit that I have no idea who Jake Paul is.