Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • Texas. This is getting ridiculous.
    Hospital numbers


    New cases. Oh, my.
  • Wise County: We haven't had new numbers in three days. I'll go to the courthouse bell tower this morning and see if I can see the pony express on the horizon coming with any news. 
  • Prediction: Before August 1st, the UIL will announce that Texas high school football will be reduced to district games only. That's just the first step to soften the ultimate blow. 
  • Trump retweeted this. He hasn't met with Dr. Fauci in months and flat out attacked him this weekend, so it's a matter of time before a spare game show host becomes part of the Coronavirus Task Force.  135,000 people are dead and climbing, and Trump endorses this. Incredible. 
  • I find this headline hard to believe yet totally plausible.
    From Dallas Morning News yesterday
    He never took it seriously

  • With Florida setting a U.S. record with 15,300 new cases reported yesterday, the NBA trying to pull off playoffs in a "bubble" in Orlando might be the greatest scientific experiment of the year. Can they keep the virus away by taking every possible precaution and spending tons of money to try and pull it off? (Side note: Here's a picture of where the Mavs practice in a ballroom in their hotel.)
  • Ted Cruz and the "Empower Texans son-in-law" candidate had a get together in Granbury over the weekend. They don't seem to be a big fan of masks down there. (Cruz was also caught on an American Airlines flight earlier in the day not wearing a mask.) 
  • This mysterious Wise County resident is sporting a mask with the courthouse imprinted upon it. I like it. 
  • Mitt Romney didn't like Trump commuting the sentence of Roger Stone on Friday.
  • The most amazing thing about the corruption is that they do it right out in the open.  Stone said stuff that most crooks would at least be smart enough to say on a burner phone. This was hours before the commutation and hours before Stone was to report to prison: 
  • Fox News' Tucker Carlson finds himself in a bit of a pickle when it was revealed that his head writer (he has writers?) is a bona fide racist after his posts were found on this wheels off message board using a fake name.  I've been telling you that racist talk in code, and his show his a perfect example. 
  • When Roy Moore doesn't realize that an endorsement could be the kiss of death:
  • Kelly Preston has died of breast cancer at 57.  She was all over my radar back in the day, but I had to use Google to recall the name of the a movie she was in that first got my attention. It was Only You.  That's Helen Hunt in there, too. 
  • The front pages across the country were pretty boring this morning, but I'm giving you two because of the dueling headlines. Both deal with the subject of Texas voter registration.