Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • Wise County Active: 40. Huh? What? We are down 17 cases in two days? Side note: Have I been missing the large number of cases which have "pending" results? It's showing to be a whopping 394.
  • Texas: The rate of increasing cases might be slowing down. (That's my observation only.) But it all depends on the numbers which are released today and tomorrow. It might just be a three day illusion. Regardless, we set a record in deaths yesterday. 

  • We learned yesterday that Trump has required hospital numbers regarding the coronavirus to be sent to DHHS instead of the CDC. If suddenly numbers across the nation begin to show that we are being miraculously cured of COVID-19, we will being seeing some Hitleresque crap going on. If you can't control the virus, just control the information about it.
    Possible presidential consultant
  • The Governor of Georgia is suing the Mayor of Atlanta to prevent her from implementing a mask requirement.  This reminds me of a documentary I once saw about one layer of government overruling another layer of government on the issue of public safety. 
    "All of Georgia is open and we're ready for business!"
  • Idiocracy from yesterday. (I stole this. Come to think of it, I actually steal everything.)
    Trucks on the White House lawn

    Got to have a sponsor.
  • Let's continue with that Idiocracy theme.(Even in full context, this is still crazy.)
  • And one more (as he let's us know what is on his mind as he stood between the two trucks.)

  • I don't want to go all fascist theory here, but the news (and video footage) of people being taken off the street in Portland by people dressed in military gear and then put in unmarked vehicles is bizarre. And I'm not the only one who thinks this. 
  • A little weird for DPS: In the last two days, Texas DPS Troopers have shot two different men in two separate incidences. Little information is available other than one happened in Knox County and the other in San Marcos at a 7-11 (which is also a weird place for a trooper to be.)
  • The Washington Redskins Somethings were hit with a sexual harassment scandal yesterday. I know how to fix it: Hire someone named "Cynt" to hold a press conference who will say she'll get to the bottom of it and then never be heard from again. 
  • This is wild and weird: On June 6th, the Austin PD sent out a tweet which included a photo showing a bunch of "thank you" cards they were receiving while they were otherwise being criticized for heavy handed tactics. Some noticed that the writing on the cards seemed suspiciously similar so Texas Monthly sent an open records request to get access to the cards. Of the 185 cards seen, none had return addresses. Thirty were signed by "Cheryl Waters" or "Cheryl". But, and here's the wild part, forty-six of the cards had the same message of "your butt is perfect." (Insert record scratch sound effect.) 
  • Three things about the above bullet point: (1) The article says that Texas Monthly obtained photos of the card but they didn't reprint any of the photos. Why not? (2) The "your butt is perfect" inscription appears to be a bit by some commercial card company (see below) of which I was not aware. (3) Don't overlook the bottom line here: A police department blatantly lied to the public to serve their own purpose. And if they'll lie about that, well.  
  • I'm not familiar with Greg Sax who is going into the Texas Radio Hall of Fame this year, but I saw where "Sax received his first public gig at KWCS in Bridgeport, Texas." R.I.P. (Don't click on the link if you're on a desktop because you'll be taken to the Dallas Observer website which may be the most browser slowing/draining/killing website in the history of ever.)
  • Mortgage rates on a 30 year mortgage fell to 2.98% yesterday - the lowest ever.
  • Messenger: Above the Fold. (Fun fact I learned: During the heat wave of 1980, Lake Bridgeport was 34 feet low.)