Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • Wise County new numbers: 54 active cases. (That ties a record, but I continue to have no faith in these figures.) 
  • Texas. The new daily cases and new deaths were down yesterday (charts not shown) because that's attributable to the typical weekend dip. Hospital numbers remained steady, however. Today's numbers will probably continue to skyrocket but it has to come to a peak at some point.  Right?
  • We are beginning to see cracks in the dam regarding school re-openings. Yesterday, Round Rock ISD decided to go virtual for the first three weeks. Fort Bend ISD, with 11 high schools, also voted last night to do the same and won't allow extracurricular activities (including football) during that time.  I think that three weeks is the maximum allowed by TEC for 100% virtual schooling. At least for now.
  • Notable.
  • I still can't get over this lie. 
  • The Texas Republican Party voted (53-4) last night  to have a "virtual convention" after they were left with no other option by the City of Houston (1-0) and the Texas Supreme Court (7-1). 
  • Western Wise County gets to vote for its new Congressman today between Ronny Jackson (supported by the morally vapid Empower Texans PAC and Trump) or Josh Winegarner (also supported by an ungodly amount of money and sleazy mailers from a questionable PAC). Be sure to wear your mask when you vote in that race so you won't catch anything.
  • I'm hearing reports of a second inmate in the Wise County Jail who wrapped a cord around his neck in a suicide attempt to the point of passing out. Both men were then sent for a "mental health evaluation."
  • My favorite race today is in Alabama between Jeff Sessions and Tommy Tuberville for the simple reason that one of Session's attacks on Tuberville is "you finished 5-7 and 4-8 in your last seasons at Auburn and Cincinnati."
  • Here's a pool party brawl from this weekend at Texas Tech. Guns up!
  • The creator of the overrated Dilbert comic strip, Scott Adams, 62, just married some gal who is 31. Attaboy. 

    I don't know what's going on with the t-shirt.
  • At 2:00 in the morning, the Supreme Court allowed the first federal execution in 17 years to proceed. The man was immediately killed by the government. It was a 5-4 vote with the two Trump appointees were in the majority. (The facts aren't going to get the guy any sympathy. He was a white supremacist convicted of killing a Jewish family of three in, of all places, Searcy County, Arkansas.)
  • The holder of the most useless position in the most useless professional organization in Texas is in trouble
  • Dak Prescott, baring a last minute contract, will play this year under the Franchise Tag which will pay him $31.4 million. I knew that if they don't reach a contract next year they'll either (1) be forced to cut him or (2) put the Franchise Tag on him again. What I did not know that the price of next year's Franchise Tag is 120% of this year's salary regardless of what happens to NFL revenues.  That's $37.7 million.
  • The Evil Empire has made some changes in response to Black Lives Matter and players' demands, the most notable being changing the name of the field from that of a plaintiff's lawyer to that of Ricky Williams and Earl Campbell. The deceased lawyer's family suggested the name change just as a token of good will, but fired off some hot Trump opinions in connection with decision. (This also seems a good time to remind you of the craziest video deposition you've ever seen involving said Plaintiff's lawyer, Joe Jamail.)