Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • Wise County Active Cases: 57 (new record)
  • Texas. Record, record, chicken dinner, as well.

  • The hot rumor is that Dallas, Travis, Harris, and Hidalgo counties will be locked down this week. I'd bet on that. 
  • There will be no fans at Philadelphia Eagle home games this year. That's assuming the NFL plays. If there are any football games played this fall, the NFL stands the greatest chance. But I'd give it a 50/50 proposition at best right now. 
    What my brain thinks of when I hear Philadelphia Eagles
  • Texas Motor Speedway is expecting about 30,000 fans for this weekend's NASCAR race. Virus issues aside, who in the world would go sit out their in 100 degree temperatures to see a spare NASCAR race? And by that I mean no offense. 
  • In the race to represent part of Wise County in Congress, Ronny Jackson, whose one time nomination for VA Secretary was derailed due to allegations of over-prescribing pills and drunkenness, beat cattle industry lobbyist Josh Winegarner.  Back in the general primary in March, Winegarner got 40% of all votes to Jackson's 20%, but run-offs are dangerous. Last night, Jackson got an amazing 20,000 more votes than he did in March while Winegarner is going to end up with almost 10,000 less. That's weird. 
  • Air Force vet M.J. Hegar beat Royce West. She'll face off against John Cornyn in the fall for the U.S. Senate.   BagofNothing mentioned it the other day: It was absolutely weird that Cornyn was running attack ads against West over the last two weeks. Was the reverse-engineering to get West to win? I mean, if you were a Democrat sitting on the fence between Hegar and West and you saw this big ad of Cornyn attacking West, you'd be edged towards voting for West, right? 
  • Wise County will now have a commissioner named "Biff." I support this. 
  • I now almost want to run under the name Biff "Hussein" Green just to cause ballot box confusion. 
  • If you were in Tarrant County and a Republican, there was just one race (for the court of appeals) on the ballot if you showed up to vote. Still, 34,638 of them did so. (Democrats doubled that number in the county, but they had the Hegar/West contest on the ballot which would create far more interest.)
  • In other political news, I bet Wise County is about to need a new state senator when our current one, Pat Fallon, ends up in Congress. Stay with me here: The guy currently set to be on the ballot this fall for the 4th Congressional District is John Ratcliffe. But he just got appointed to be the Director of National Intelligence, so he needs to be replaced with another Republican on the November ballot. And the people who choose to replace him aren't the voters but the district's precinct chairs, and Fallon has already told them he wants it. More importantly, two days ago Ted Cruz endorsed him to be placed on the ballot.  Something is in the works behind the scenes.

  • What a weird time to be alive.
  • Trump used the Rose Garden for an hour yesterday to do a rambling attempted attack on Joe Biden.  It was weird even by Trump standards.
  • Here's a weird law: In the City of Bridgeport, it is now a crime to buy synthetic urine even if you have absolutely no intent to use it to falsify a drug test.
  • CBS 11 will pay former traffic report Tammy Dombeck $215,000 in an age discrimination suit. I've always heard cases like that are hard to win, so that's a heck of a settlement. 
  • Regarding the guy who was executed yesterday by the U.S. Government, they had him strapped down on a gurney for four hours waiting for the courts to give them the go ahead to kill him. Barbaric.
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