Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • Coronavirus American death toll: 6. People killed in tornadoes last night in Tennessee: 9. Edit: 22 dead.
  • Oh, come on. 
  • Wise County, here are your voting locations today. Side note: I'm not sure why the person in charge of the official Wise County website didn't want to type out "Early Voting" and "Election Day" instead of using "EV" and "ED." And we all know "LAT notice" means the notice of the "Location" of "Automatic Tabulating" equipment testing. Spoiler alert: It was back in January.
  • Spot the problems. (It's been deleted.)
  • Flashback to Texas Republican primary voting in 2016. (Voter turnout was 19.92% by the way.)
  • Wise County was pretty much in line with the state as Cruz received 5,514 votes to Trump's 3,488. But turnout was 30.05%. (All county results are broken down here.)
  • Brit Hume posted a screenshot off his laptop early this morning and forgot about an open browser tab. The tweet was up for about two hours before he deleted it.
    . . . which leads to . . . 

  • Dateline Austin. This is why we can't have nice things.
  • When the President of the United States wants to be petty early in the morning but can't spell.
  • AT&T TV launched nationwide this week. It's really kind of confusing. It's a streaming package but you need a box instead of just a "Smart TV". And it comes with a long-term contract that jumps to $93 after the first year. And if it basically sounds like DirecTV without the dish, it is. The plan is for it to replace DirecTV. Here's the C|Net article. 
  • What are we going to do without those Bloomberg ads? Today is the last day.