Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • I think I've come down with the CoronaTiredHead virus.
  • Let's get an update from the mayor of San Antonio as of last night.
  • When the news broke Saturday morning that someone in Washington state had died from the coronavirus, Trump abruptly called a press conference to tell us all is well. "Unfortunately, one person passed away overnight. She was a wonderful woman, a medically high-risk patient in her late 50s." Then every other official who spoke expressed condolences to her family.  Uh, the person who died was a man.
  • It's only been three days, but this didn't age well. 
  • Although it is curious why this Administration thinks that not a single female has anything to offer during this crisis, Pence's wife will be happy to know he wasn't alone with a woman for lunch. 
  • If you turn the crank at any speed, it will pop out one penny every 4.97 seconds. You can use it eight hours a day if you wish. Would you do it? If so, you are willing to work for the current minimum wage. 
  • The Bridgeport Sissies lost to Argyle in playoff basketball yesterday, but in the third quarter they trailed only 23-22. Crazy stat: All of the 23 points by Argyle at that point had been scored by one girl. 
  • Oprah busted it this weekend. Video.
  • DPS announced last week that, because of money, its labs will not test misdemeanor amounts of alleged marijuana to determine if the substance submitted is legal hemp (with a THC content of 0.3% or less) or illegal marijuana (with a THC level of greater than 0.3%). There's no other way to say it: You can no longer be successfully prosecuted in Texas for the misdemeanor offense of possession of marijuana under 4 ounces. That's not to say you won't still be arrested and a prosecutor might try to bluff you into pleaing to something, but they can't win the case without a lab report. And the only lab they have which won't charge them for testing  is the labs run by DPS.
  • Everyone loves bits. 
  • The jury, not the judge, found him guilty. The jury, not the judge, sentenced him to death. The jury, not the judge, also pander for the media and try to make it "all about me." And the, "We'll give you a fair trial before we hang you" is not a good look. (Side note: I looked for the origin of that saying thinking it was a pretty famous quote, but couldn't find it.)
  • So Tony Romo is going to be paid $17 million a year to be a color commentator for CBS? Maybe Bernie Sanders is right about the distribution of wealth in the country. But you know who is hopping mad at his agent this morning? Troy Aikman who had been with Fox for 19 years and is paid $7.5 million a year. 
  • If you want to know why I make fun of Diamond and Silk all the time, please watch this one minute excerpt of them speaking at CPAC.
  • In case anyone needs to be reminded of who we are, the Update gives us these early voting numbers for Wise County: 5,136 votes in the Republican primary and 695 in the Democratic primary.
  • Messenger: Above the Fold