Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • Well, I'll be. After all the returns for the Primary Elections came in, there were more Democrats who voted than Republicans in Texas. 2,076,046 to 2,008,385, (h/t Bud Kennedy.)
  • Nothing like a congressman doing bits. (Yep, this is real.)
  • Oh, the comments
  • Hey, I dog the Tarrant County DA's office all the time, but they deserve high praise for this. For years, I've been ranting against charging people with crimes because of traffic accidents. 
  • But because people over the past 10 years have been persecuted for having traffic accidents, you now have folks too scared to stop because of what the government might do to them. Case in point:
  • And Another. Offered with out comment. 
  • In case you missed it, Dairy Protesters (yep, they exist) rushed the stage that Joe Biden was on Tuesday night. In a fantastic photo, here's Jill Biden going on the offensive.
  • Fake Weatherman, unlike myself, have now resorted to using the term "embedded thunderstorms" to distract from their erroneous forecasts which predicted the heavy rains yesterday would be centralized to the south of the metroplex. 

  • This was pretty funny. Here's the quick video.
  • She lost, 52% to 48%, but she will always love that photo. 
  • Well, this is a cluster. These two guys were running for seat on the Court of Appeals in Amarillo. The final vote had Denny with 46,002 and Doss with 45,683. Hey, that's close. Really close. But wait. The entire race was left off the ballot in Cochran County and Collingsworth County. What do you do now?
  • Hey, it's about time for the Liberally Lean March Madness Pick 'Em Tournament, and I want everyone to know I'm tricking it up this year. Big time. Every tournament has the same old boring scoring system, so I'm turning mine into a bit. Here's what I'm looking at: A system which will massively reward you for picking upsets in the first two rounds. After that, you get a massive point reward (40 points) for picking the lone winner but not much else. Heck, upset picks in the first two rounds are worth more than correctly picking a team to reach the final four. (I screwed up the sign-up link last year but this link should work.)
  • Pudge Rodriguez unveiled his statue at the new Rangers' ballpark yesterday. Bizarre fact since we all consider him to be a humble guy:  Rodriguez "actually commissioned a statue of himself years ago that once decorated his house in Miami." 

  • Breaking: The coronavirus was just confirmed in Africa. Please panic accordingly.