Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • The guy involved in the murder case out of Granbury didn't help himself with a jailhouse interview.  He said he used three guns to shoot his young wife. "So I bam, bam, bam shot her. That didn't even phase her.” (Dear WFAA: Your website is awful. Why are all media websites so bad?)
  • An innocent UPS driver and a bystander were killed by police in an insane shootout on a Miami highway yesterday shown live on local TV and the Internet. This video shows a portion of from someone in a nearby car (although I have no idea why someone would be rolling video at that moment.)
  • The Wichita Falls case where the son of the lottery winner is accused of sexual assault, and who is represented by lawyers who allegedly are charging $600,000, was derailed during jury selection this week. A rare halt to the trial was ordered by the Fort Worth Court of Appeals because of a defense claim that one of the prosecutors is also a witness. (Story.)
  • Have I mentioned "house of cards"?
  • Before we get to the Cowboys' game, can I mention what a cool view it is from that stadium? (But as a kid -- way before the stadium's renovation -- I remember seeing those columns above the opposite grandstands. I always thought that confusingly cool.)
  • Well, the Cowboys have ruined my 100% lock prediction of having an over 9 win season. If there is any proof needed that this is the most underachieving team in the history of teams, there you have it. I'm never wrong. 
  • Is Jason Garrett capable of making any changes as the game goes along? Nope. Over the last five years, the Cowboys have lost every game they have trailed at halftime except five. Only two teams are worse over that time period.
  • If I'm a crazy seventy-seven year old billionaire and the owner of an NFL franchise where I've spent a fortune to put together a team that should win, I'd do something drastic to try and save this season and scare the beejebus out every player and coach who is capable of being frightened for their job. Here's my plan:
    • First, I fire Jason Garrett today and appoint someone as interim coach. It doesn't matter who. Promote someone. I don't care. He'll just a caretaker. But keep the same offense and defense coordinators.
    • I then  hire Urban Meyer, not as a head coach, but as the most unique consultant in the history of the NFL. And this is the critical part: For the rest of the season I want him everywhere to just look, listen, and report back. No coaching. (I'll money whip him to do this gig.)  And this is just a contract for the rest of the year. There's no discussion of him being the next head coach. 
    • I want every player and every coach to know that no matter what is going on, Meyer has the absolute right to be anywhere he wants to be. A player might be in a one on one meeting with a coach and Meyer might walk up and listen and no one is going to tell him to leave. He has the right to be in all places at all times.
    • And I want him everywhere: On the sidelines with a headset on -- not saying a word but just listening, and walking around the bench area listening to every conversation coaches have with the players. To start the third quarter, I want him briefly in my owner's box so the cameras can see him talking to me. Then I want him to move to the coaches booth once gain listening, watching, and hovering over their shoulders. I want him out at the Star going in and out of every coach's meeting. 
    • And Meyer never talks to the media. He's just like the Grim Reaper looking for slackers and incompetence. And everyone on the team knows it.
    • Heck, it might not work, but at least it might put a fire under a team which can, because of a ridiculous division, make the playoffs. 
  • I make fun of screenshots of Fox and Friends all the time. MSNBC had one yesterday that got my attention.
(Probably explaining why he left Atlantic.)
  • How can people be so dumb? Nothing like Nazi Prison Guards. Story. (I don't know why their faces are blurred.)
  • If you want to see bad lawyer conduct by an attorney suing Allstate, go here. Extreme language warning. He is about to be royally slapped down by a federal judge.
  • Impeachment or not, re-election or not, Trump has already had an impact that your children's children will feel. Almost 30% of federal appellate judges are now Trump appointees. That's a staggering number.
  • Yesterday in a three hour period I had a windshield replaced, oil changed, car inspected, and got a haircut. You know what that's called? That's called getting "squared away."