Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • The heck with the War On Christmas, we had a War on Law School yesterday at the Impeachment Hearing. 
  • There was a great deal of discussion at that hearing as to what the Founding Fathers thought about impeachment.  If we could ask them, we'd probably have to wait for an answer as they composed themselves after learning that somehow the slaves were freed and women can vote. 
  • The suspension seems a little extreme. (I had someone tell me that in high school his offense had an African-American running back who would wear white tape around his wrists for deception. The football had white stripes on both ends.)
  • I've got questions. A lot of questions. (This is out of Granbury).
  • And you know who represents him in this nonsense? The founder of "Judicial Watch" which I just happen to make fun of yesterday in a bullet point.  (Side note: I had forgotten that Zimmerman sold at auction his gun he killed Martin with.)
  • Hey, you guys want to be beaten down by hearing Margaritaville for the billionth time after fighting Dallas traffic while you pretend to be living the Salt Life? (Sorry, just the mention of that song is enough to put me into intensive care.)
  • Yes, Virginia, the War on Christmas continued this morning. It was in the news. 
  • Speaking of news, I wonder if 40 years ago she would have thought she would stand in front of screen reading reader's tweets and Facebook posts that say things like, "Good job, that was perfect," "I hope he's OK," and "You go, girl!" 
  • That did remind me that Channel 4 used to be CBS and Channel 11 was a mishmash of syndication -- and a pretty, pretty good bit of mishmash at that. Then one day you walked in and turned on Channel 4 on and there was something called Fox. 
  • I decorated the outside of the house this year in all white lights but left inflatable Disco Santa in the box while realizing that I would incur Mrs. LL's wrath. Much to my surprise, she later said, "I don't think we should put it in the yard because the lights looks so elegant right now." I've been preaching that for years. (And I always wondered if the manufacturer of Disco Santa paid rights fees to the intellectual property owners of Saturday Night Fever. )
  • I don't hate Disco Santa, but I spent a few years cringing -- and I do mean cringing -- when Mrs. LL made me put out a giant inflatable monkey. 
  • From D Magazine:
  • Former Wise County Attorney Todd Durden, who ended up in Kinney County, became County Attorney there, and got into a crazy fight with the county judge, has filed as a Republican to become district judge. (Politics are interesting down there: The incumbent is Judge Enrique Fernandez who ran unopposed as a Democrat last time.)