Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • It has come to my attention that we've had a "Wise County Government Thanksgiving Dinner Fiasco of 2019" which might very well be the last county Thanksgiving Dinner. 
    • Every year all county offices are invited to a Thanksgiving dinner with everyone being strong armed to bring a dish. The only thing that is a constant is that the County Commissioners provide the turkey. This year it was held at the Women's Building on November 18th. Everything went well with a good time being had been all until about 48 hours later when sickness beset the masses. The fallout according to my highly placed sources of impeccable character is as follows:
      • 40 to 50 people ended up missing work due to sickness.
      • At least 1/2 of the county offices were impacted.
      • One county office had to completely shut down for a day.
      • "Probably 10 people" felt ill enough to "take a trip to the hospital."
      • One person, who I believe required overnight hospitalization, had a confirmed diagnosis of salmonella.
      • "It would hit you within 48 hours but would then knock you on your butt for a week and a half," said a source who spoke with Liberally Lean under condition of anonymity. 
    • The source of the illness appears to be the turkey but they don't know if more than one bird was the offending source. 
  • The incident gave rise to one of the great legal discussions of all time yesterday:
    • Would worker's comp cover the medical bills? Was it an illness incurred in the "course and scope of employment?" Does it matter that attendance was voluntary?
    • Then the discussion went on to a general discussion of liability for pot luck dinners in general. One county employee was basically of the position that unless someone was intentionally trying to kill you, you are taking your life into your own hands with any pot luck dinner.  She kind of had a point. Then she ruined her position by saying the same holds true for Panda Express because "accidents happen." (Editors note: Panda Express, if they were to be contacted, would say, "Keep us out of this stupid discussion. We didn't kill anyone.")
  • Since the commissioners brought the the turkeys, the most entertaining thing to happen would be for an Impeachment Inquiry to fire up. Let's have a full fledged TurkeyGate. We could have county employees called as witnesses in front of the cameras.  There might be a Whistleblower. We could have certain commissioners trying to "out" the Whistleblower. We could get claims of a "Witch Hunt." If the heat got to hot for a particular commissioner, he could release the cooking instructions for his turkey and say that he's had expert cooks look at it who  have called it a "perfect" recipe. And how has this scandal been swept under rug for a whole week? Is there a cover-up?  Is Rudy involved? This has potential. The founding fathers of our county, men who respected the turkey, would demand it. Amen.
  • We sure are involved in a lot of wars.
  • A Texas state representative running for re-election, Rep. Rick Miller, 74, dropped out of the race yesterday after all the state Republican big wigs turned on him for his comments below about his opponent. I'm surprised they went after him for that. (Miller won the district by only 4% last time. The chances of it now turning blue just increased.)
  • Trump is at the NATO meeting and the rest of the world leaders laughed at him behind his back.  Breaking: He found out about it this morning (our time) and is pissed. He said he's leaving (but his schedule hasn't been officially updated to reflect that.)
      Justin Trudeau, Emmanuel Macron, and Boris Johnson,
  • It sure looks like he's gone. Edit: Trump is now backtracking about leaving early.
  • Things weren't going too well before that. He was 100% confident in his answer below. Within the hour he had to emergency tweet that he didn't mean it. 
  • UIL re-alignment was yesterday. The only Wise County school effected was Chico which drops to 2A Division II. I would like, however, to announce my support for Runge:
  • So the Impeachment Inquiry Report was released yesterday revealing phone calls by Rudy, indicted Lev Parnas, Nunes(!), the White House and the OMB (who withheld the Urkaine aid.) I've said it before: Why don't they just admit that Trump withheld the money from Ukraine in order to get dirt on Biden, but just take the position it's no big deal? Why deny it and look dishonest and foolish? 
  • Dude, you're in deep. You're the worst lawyer ever. You need to shut up. 
  • The president of Judicial Watch isn't very smart.
  • Messenger: Above the Fold. Top headline: "Hunters kidnapped by cartel".