Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • I ventured out on Black Friday to get something unrelated to Christmas. I'd like to report that Wise County seems to be in a very, very foul mood. I, on the other hand, was a ray of sunshine.
  • There was an attack on the London Bridge where the guy was subdued by, get this, people using a fire extinguisher and a "nawhal tusk." Fun American fact:
  • Also regarding the London Bridge, this is not a fun fact:
  • Decatur lost its playoff game on a last second field goal. You can see the kick here. Oh, and the game was played in the fog:
  • If Decatur would have won, they would have been playing Springtown at some nearby location. Instead, the Porcupines continue their road trip that never ends.
  • Who do you think is telling the truth?: Trump or the Taliban? We are at that point. (And the Taliban seems to be a no-brainer answer.)
  • A police officer in Oklahoma received a coffee from Starbucks with "PIG" on the label. The employee was fired. Then things got crazy. News started coming out that Starbucks has filters on its software which would prevent "PIG" being used as a name unless that name was set up by the customer on his app. The cop's daughter went scorched earth on her father. (Below.) And the police chief now says the employee shouldn't have been fired (but really won't say why.)

  • Finally we are seeing the truth come out! And I shall lead them! (Fox 4 is still calling it the "busiest" day, but at least they are providing proof to the contrary.)
  • This old photo of Danny White was floating around this weekend. I had never seen it before, and I have no idea what the story is. I want answers.
  • Good lord. (That's by College Station.)
  • Jerry Jones' bad football Thanksgiving weekend: (1) Cowboys lost, (2) Arkansas, where his grandson is quarterback, lost to Missouri, and, adding insult to injury, the grandson didn't play. The two quarterbacks who did play in his place went a combined 11 of 31 for 77 yards, (3) Three time defending state champion Highland Park lost in overtime at Jerry World to one of the million high schools in Frisco. (I thought he still had a grandson there, but I might be wrong.)
  • I'm started to read Lonesome Dove. I never saw the TV mini-series.
  • Joe Biden nibbled on his wife's fingers? Mrs. LL says you guys need to leave this man alone! (I'll check with her later to ask if she really did.)
  • A law professor from the University of Baltimore becoming a judge normally wouldn't make a bullet point, but it's for the country of Palau. That jogged my memory.  Former Williamson County DA John Bradley, who got caught up in the Michael Morton scandal, got a job there as the country's attorney general.  Seinfeld voice: What's the deal with attorneys getting cool jobs in Palau?
  • College football thoughts: (1) UT coach Tom Herman is firing everyone except himself, (2) With Alabama losing, I now think Baylor could get into the Final Four with an (unlikely) win over OU -- that's a sentence I never expected to write, (4) The Big 12 Championship game starts at 11:00 a.m.? (5) The PAC 12 Championship game is on Friday? (6) Very random stat: Kentucky rushed for 517 yards in a win over Louisville, (7) Alabama would beat Auburn 9 out of 10 times even with a backup QB, (8) TCU isn't bowl eligible, and I've got a weird - and crazy -feeling about that Gary Patterson might want to finally go somewhere else,  (9) Most disappointing season: UNT, (10) Hot sports opinion: UNT's quarterback has been extremely overrated, (11)  The Aggies and Arkansas need to join/come back to the Big 12, (12) It's weird how Michigan's single level stadium holds so many people -- it had an announced attendance of 112,071 on Saturday for the Ohio State game, (13) Charlie Strong has gone from the coach of the Evil Empire to being fired by South Florida, and (14) Ole Miss fired its coach for going 15-21 over the last three seasons. Remember when they fired now LSU coach Ed Oregon after three season in 2017?
  • Monday Safety Tip: Don't wire your handgun to your front door as a way of providing home protection:
  • The BagofNothing guy just casually throws in an attempted murder story this morning. 
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