Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • Did you see kids having to hit the ground when gunfire was heard during a football game in Alabama? No worries. The high school principal calmed all our fears: "It was a false report that shots were fired inside the stadium, in the game. The shots were fired two or three blocks away from the stadium. They have created this stir that Center Point is an unsafe place to play football, which is a bald-faced lie.” (Emphasis added.) 
  • I hadn't heard of country singer Kylie Rae Harris who was killed along with a 16 year old in a multi-car crash near Taos, New Mexico late last week.  News over the weekend had a sheriff's deputy saying she "most certainly" caused the crash and they think alcohol "may" have been involved.  She had a DWI conviction out of Collin County in 2017 where an interlock device was required, but I wouldn't rule out her jacking around on her phone while driving since she was pretty active on it before the accident. 
  • The Texas/LSU game was really entertaining. Quick thoughts: (1) Evil Empire fans are disappointed but you're season almost went down the tubes when Sam Ehlinger was rolled up on in the fourth quarter. That had "blown ACL" written all over it. (2) You guys realize that Devin Duvernay is only at Texas because he left Baylor along with the rest of his freshman recruiting class after the scandal broke?, (3) Texas could still get into the playoffs with one more loss so long as they win the Big 12.   They would have had to do that anyway. 
  • After the Cowboys game last night: 
  • Those Aaron Rodgers/State Farm commercials are horrible.   The premise isn't great (two agents) but the attempt at comedy is what makes it painful.  I always picture a bunch of high paid guys and gals in New York in a boardroom and thinking, "Yep. This is is good stuff and the best we can do." Sheesh. Hire a comedy writer. Heck, hire anyone with a sense of humor. 
  • In case you missed it, Trump shockingly and in an offense to the memory of 9/11, invited the Taliban to Camp David.  (I tuned in briefly to listen to the Trump Fan Boys on WBAP this morning, and they were not pleased about it at all. We finally found something that actually made his base mad.)
  • Then, after that tone-deaf announcement of his failed plans, Trump got distracted and degenerated into posting a literal "cat video" about his Hurricane Dorian vs. Alabama fight. 
  • The Harris County DA's office keeps a huge list of cops who have questionable credibility. (Amazing, right?) Yet they were very slow in revealing that a cop in a DWI case was on that list. The judge finally got fed up and really laid the wood to them: A fine of $500.  (The case only made the news because any fine is unusual.). The DA's office dismissed the case but is fighting the fine. 
    The misdemeanor judge in the case who
    looks like he might have a ponytail.
  • I'm experimenting with cord-cutting, and I put up a digital antenna this weekend. Thoughts: (1) If you're replacing a satellite dish, it's a breeze. Just remove the dish and use can use the pole that's already attached to the roof for the new antenna. (2)  More importantly, the satellite used coaxial cable so you just attach the new antenna to it. It's already laid out. (3) Positioning it was simple, and I finally got to use the pre-installed compass app on my iPhone. (4) The picture quality is fantastic, my smart TV even puts the channels in a guide, and in some type of witchcraft, you can pause live TV. (5) The purpose of a digital antenna is to pick up the local affiliates of the major networks (Fox, CBS, ABC and NBC) since online packages can't. I discovered that WFAA/Channel 8 is not with the program. 
  • Side note: Thanks to the neighbor who let me borrow his ladder. It was one of those "Little Giant" contraptions which I had never used. Those things are fantastic. 
  • I saw this headline everywhere. I don't trust this guy. (He decided to go on "vacation" his week.)
  • The Brady Bunch kids are starring in a home renovation show to transform the interior of the sitcom's home into the way the interior, which was filmed at a studio, looked.  Those guys look pretty good. 
  • It may be behind a paywall and of limited interest, but an "opinion" piece in the Dallas Morning News absolutely scorched a lawyer who appeared in a Tarrant County courtroom last week. Example: "From the moment [the judge]first called on [the attorney] during Friday’s hearing, the attorney seemed totally unprepared. Dead air -- while he fumbled for documents, or answers -- seemed to take up as much time as [his] actual responses. I’ve sat in two dozen or more civil and criminal courtrooms and never have I seen anything like this." (I looked him up and he lists membership in the State Bar, the NRA, and Mensa.)