Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • The new link to Wise County's court and jail database is here. And shout out to County Judge J.D. Clark who responded to my bullet point before 9:00 a.m. yesterday. I don't know if he personally got it fixed, but he was responsive and concerned about the problem which is exactly what you want from a public official. (The rest of Wise County's re-designed government site should be fully functioning by Monday. It looks good.)
  • Twitter fight. Beto doubled down on his mandatory buyback of AR-15s during last night's debate and a State Representative responded.  (But I'm a little stunned that Twitter removed Briscoe's comment because it was considered to be an actual threat.)
  • This is Cain Briscoe, by the way. Does he look like a threat? Let me rephrase that. Does he look like he would threaten violence:
  • Let's check in on the reaction of the general counsel to the PAC called Empower Texans. (I've heard stuff like this from friends all my life.) 
  • This crime has been under the radar: Two guys "push past" an ATM repairman in Denton and got off with $114,000.
  • Moment of Silence, please. I've had this photo taken from video footage, enlarged and framed, on my office wall for almost two decades. 
  • This is North Korean like propaganda. 
  • Jets' QB Sam Darnold has been ruled out of Monday's game because of Mononucleosis. I hadn't thought about the "kissing disease" in years. That thing will knock you down for weeks. 
  • Trump dropped another GD Bomb yesterday (as he lied about wind power.)
  • Every morning when I take a shower I see the silhouettes of the underbellies of two lizards on the frost-tinted window. They wait for bugs to be attracted to the bathroom light and then pounce on them. It's really entertaining. 
  • Yesterday someone at the courthouse told me she had jury duty for federal court in Fort Worth. I don't hear about federal jury duty very often. (After we looked up the counties in the Fort Worth Division of the Northern District of Texas, I had to listen to her complain on behalf of people in Comanche County who would also have to travel to Fort Worth. Of all causes in the world, the inconvenience of Comanche County federal jury service is an odd one to champion.) 
  • Cam Newton might have the Panthers at 0-2 this year, but he's stylin' at the post game press conferences. 

  • It's Friday the 13th and a Full Moon. It's also a Harvest Moon. (Look it up.) 
  • My normal "front page" web site isn't updating this morning. I do the best I can . . . 
Note the lipstick