Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • Our own State Senator (which most of us can't name) is considering running against U.S. Senator John Cornyn. The Star-Telegram describes him as a "Tea Party Republican." 
  • When no one in your family serves in the military, but you want to profit of a military-chic look.
  • The headline says, "Cowboys settle cheerleader pay dispute, entire squad gets pay boost" but there aren't any details. However, the story from WFAA had quotes from two Bridgeport High School graduates. 
  • Denton deputies in charge of courthouse security could take a lesson from Wise County deputies in charge of the same thing. Be courteous. It's not hard. (And I've always been stunned by any deputy who acts like a jerk. Not only will the person hate you, they'll automatically hate the Sheriff. And the Sheriff needs votes.) 
  • You know how I'm always talking about how the Civil War "wasn't that long ago?" That crossed my mind when I learned that Commissioner Gordon from the old Batman TV series was born in 1899. His grandfather could have fought in the Civil War. Heck, his dad could have been in it. (Trivia: He appeared in every single Batman episode -- all 120 of them.)
  • Outed CIA agent Valerie Plame has announced she's running for Congress and releases a pretty cool campaign ad: 
  • Coors doesn't even care any longer, do they?

  • Someone to me yesterday in court: "Why is cockfighting illegal? We eat chickens for crying out loud." Me: "We draw some strange lines in the sand in this country." Him: "We sure do. I think they made it illegal because Hispanics traditionally engage in it. It's another way to pick on 'em." Me: "Wouldn't surprise me." 
  • Air Force One on the tarmac in North Carolina yesterday. 
  • Todd Palin has filed for divorce from Sarah. Her star flamed out quickly. 
  • This seems like a weird case. The only thing I can find on it is this: "According to an arrest warrant affidavit, Heath allegedly spoke to the victims and then left the party. He later returned with a rifle, rang the doorbell and ended up shooting his two neighbors outside their home."
  • I have no idea if vaping is causing these injuries, but Juul and similar manufacturers might be in big trouble. Remember the Big Tobacco litigation? And these cases are weird -- it's happening to young people very quickly and not the result of long term use like you see in regular cigarettes. 

  • Messenger: Above the Fold (I forgot yesterday)