Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • Trump fired his third National Security Adviser in three years. Most the reports indicate that Trump and Bolton butted heads and especially in recent days over Trump inviting the Taliban to Camp David. Remember this less than 24 hours before the firing? 
  • Oh, and Bolton, 12 minutes after Trump announcing by tweet that he was fired (at 10:58 am CST), let loose his own tweet to say  "I wasn't fired! I offered to quit!"  Bolton also texted a State TV personality, while he was on the air the less, to say he quit and wasn't fired.  
  • Bolton was supposed to attend this press briefing which occurred within an hour after he was fired. Secretary Pompeo and Secretary Mnuchin seemed pretty shook up. 
  • By the way, the "Fake News" New York Times knew so much of what was going on behind the scenes that they had a full story ready to go about Bolton's firing within seven minutes of Bolton's firing. 
  • Watch a crazy Nevada judge yell at a potential juror for honestly stating she couldn't be fair in a sexual abuse case. He even threw his little pocket constitution and dropped a couple of S bombs. The case was reversed. (Credit.) 
  • And the City of Dallas really thinks Uber is going to build a huge structure in Deep Ellum employing 3,000 people making over $100,000 a piece? Here's some headlines from yesterday. House. Of. Cards. 
  • This is a lie. Fentanyl is dangerous but it is not floating poison in the air. Even his own press release says that the officers were uninjured. They only went to the hospital to get checked out because of an unsubstantiated fear  -- A fear which is created by bad information put out like this from a U.S. Attorney.
  • I hope the Messenger continues to place little gems in the coverage of otherwise boring city council meetings. This little blurb was placed in a story which was highlighted by the City of Fairview proposing property taxes for the first time, in part, to pay for a city secretary who is making a jaw dropping $88,000+ a year.
  • Oh, my.

  • When he wasn't whining this morning, he decided to do a little self-promotion.
    . . . You Inviting The Taliban To Camp David
  • At least he's improved somewhat: 
  • Wait a second. What's that embroidery on the back of Melania's dress? Is that one of the towers with an explosion on the side? That can't possibly be what's going on. Right? I'll give her the benefit of the doubt.
  • I saw a story yesterday about a missing monkey in Galveston County that I "liked" on Twitter to remind me about it (first image below) which prompted a faithful reader, predicting it would make a bullet point, to send me a link to a pretty funny video (second image) of another time when a monkey escaped in Corpus Christi from a lawyer's truck. Why a lawyer had a monkey in his truck as he went to a meeting I'll never know. 
    "Tormenting" really sells the story.

    The Corpus Christi monkey even made his way into the lobby of an office building. 
  • Messenger: Above the Fold. (Nope. Can't get it other than a thumbnail.)