Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • I'm back, but I must force the equivalent of a vacation slideshow upon you:
    • We drove to Colorado which might be one of my first road trips in year. At one point I fired up Vacation's "Holiday Road" which gave me great joy yet received a collective "meh" from the rest of the Family Unit.
    • We stopped at Amarillo on the way up because Mrs. LL wanted to see a friend, and I didn't mind seeing the Sod Poodles (the San Diego Padres' fantastically named AA team) as well as the Amarillo courthouse (the scene of Fort Worth's Cullen Davis' first trial and the almost-forgotten Oprah Winfrey beef defamation trial.)
      Davis at the Amarillo courthouse
      I was one of 6,811.
    • I didn't smell weed one time in Colorado and we even had lunch a BBQ joint in "Weed Town, USA" -- the home of 23 dispensaries.
    • Sixteen Year Old In The House after contemplating legalized weed: "That sounds real smart. I'm going to smoke some weed and then go ski off a mountain." Mrs. LL: "Mark that." 
    • And I'm very disappointed in law enforcement. We were in a rented SUV with California plates and wasn't profiled one time for weed trafficking on the way home. And I had prepped the occupants of the car to shut up if we got stopped because we weren't answering any questions regarding, "We're ya'll coming from today?"
    • I found the greatest brief stretch of desolate land just north of Amarillo and east of small town called Channing.  It was right out of No Country for Old Men.
    • I took a long hike to some place called Mohawk Lake and was rewarded with seeing the water's edge just feet away after climbing up the last steep incline. It was like seeing an infinity pool with infinity interrupted by a mountain. (That's my finger in the corner.)
    • I'm now part of the 14ers' Club having hiked to the top of the 14,265 foot Quandary Peak. Side note: It ain't easy. It took around 4 hours up to the peak, and the air is a tad thin up there.
  • Things I missed while away:
    • I saw that the Republicans mocked the "performance" of Robert Mueller - a Republican who was appointed by a Republican AG under a Republican president to investigate a Republican president.
    • A former Fort Worth Country Day kid was accused of murdering a classmate at Old Miss. (I want to know that guy's background among Fort Worth's high tone social circles.)
    • A defendant on trial in Johnson County slit his throat during trial -- and I later found out he was represented by Wise County's own Paul Belew. 
    • Trump, after watching a segment on Fox News, went on a racist rant against Baltimore and the elderly African-American Congressman Elijah Cummings. (He's really doubling down on the White Supremacist vote.) Ironically, even Fox News' Chris Wallace was taken aback the next day:
    • A lawsuit, which was laughable when it was filed, was dismissed.
    • A U.S. citizen and Dallas resident was held captive by ICE for three weeks because he had brown skin. (But no high-ranking Texas official objected since Chick-fil-A wasn't involved.)
    • Trump's base cheered a Supreme Court ruling which allowed him to steal $2 billion from the military to allegedly build a tiny sliver of  The Wall which he had promised that Mexico was going to pay for in the first place. 
  • Great question:
  • I'm giddy about the new Texas Monthly cover story on my nemesis: Pastor Robert Jeffress.
  • Oh, Mike. 
  • Here's a six-year old victim of a mass shooting in California last night.
  • So Zeke Elliott is holding out. If you want to know how bad the players' union is in the NFL, look at how he is bound to the Cowboys simply because he was "drafted" by them -- an event he had no say in: He's under his initial mandatory four year contract for this year, the Cowboys have already exercised the team's option to keep him from being a free agent next year, and they could slap a franchise tag on him for at least three years for the 2021 through 2023 seasons. After all that time, his value will be nothing.