Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • North Richland Hills had to fish a car out of a pond yesterday. The owner of the car was arrested earlier for public intoxication but won't face a charge of DWI. (That's what happens when you keep your mouth shut.)  But I located his Facebook page -- NRH PD released his name in a Tweet and then deleted it -- and I found he was proud of his new car back in February. 

  • "AUSTIN — The Texas Department of Public Safety fired the state's top counterterrorism official Tuesday after he was arrested and accused of violently raping his wife’s friend. John Jones, 45, who led the agency’s Intelligence and Counterterrorism Division, is charged with sexual assault and was being held in Travis County Jail Wednesday on bail of $750,000." By the way, you were paying this DPS public servant $198,164 a year.
  • Running for President would be a beating. 
  • It's surprising absolutely none of the Democratic candidates at least haven't learned something from Trump. It's obvious he got the nomination by simply being unconventional -- doing the exact opposite of every candidate who came before him. But every Democrat is using the same old boring playbook: Rehearsed lines, generic talking points, and looking and acting like a politician.
  • On my Griswold family road trip, I had a rule: If we have to stop for a bathroom break the convenience store had to be on the right. We wouldn't exit, take a left turn, and go to the other side of the highway. It's a time saving thing.  
  • Shout out to attorney Richard Gladden for having a misdemeanor weed conviction overturned on appeal this week . (A Denton County jury amazingly found the evidence sufficient to convict and thought it would be a good idea to lock some one up for 180 days and assess a $4,000 for possession of a plant.) Side note: It's never a good sign when the court of appeals tells the Denton DA's office that the facts are "contrary to the State's assertion in its brief." That's not-so-subtle code for "You lied to us and we caught it." See footnote 2.) 
  • They are repaving some streets in Decatur. Unfortunately, your teeth will rattle when your car goes from the paved to the unpaved as your tires hit a cliff.
  • Hadn't thought of this, had you?
  • This is a weird fight. Empower Texans, the far right wing/oil-money based PAC which spends millions on people like Konni Burton (who lost to a Democrat) and Jonathon Stickland (an annual laughingstock who won't run again) and Tony Tinderholt (a family values guy who upgraded his wife to a former Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader), is after Speaker of the House Dennis Bonnen. The fight is led by circus ringmaster Michael Quinn Sullivan. Story.
  • Distribution of Class C criminal cases (tickets) filed in the four justice of the peace courts in Wise County -- year to date -- is below. Fun fact: 17 of the tickets were for speeding 100 mph or more. The leader in the clubhouse clocked in at 122 mph. Fun fact #2: One guy this year got a ticket, and not a warning, for going 4 mph over the speed limit. 
  • Gallagher was convicted of posing with a dead detainee and a team of Navy SEALS thought he was a war criminal. Trump took time away from his concern of A$AP Rocky to get involved yesterday.
  • Ticket fans only: Fort Worth magazine profiled radio guy Jake Kemp. (Funny they spelled it "Kimp" in the URL.)  Kemp once chewed me out on Twitter when I put forth my patented belief that many segments are nothing more than thinly disguised ads.