Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • There are no details yet, but it appears a husband shot and killed his wife in a room at the Hotel ZaZa in Uptown last night. I was in Hotel ZaZa once. I did not belong in Hotel ZaZa.
  • The Messenger has a story of a "Man shot in back" in three different formats and they've never named him. Come on. 
  • Trump signed a 9/11 bill yesterday and said this about being at Ground Zero: "Many of those affected were firefighters, police officers and other first responders. And I was down there also, but I’m not considering myself a first responder. But I was down there. I spent a lot of time down there with you." That, of course, is a lie. He was actually calling a radio show to shockingly brag about now having tallest building in Manhatten (which also was a lie.)
  • He also made a joke about the bill being so big the stage might fall "but if it does it's not falling very far." His brain is a wonderland.
  • Police in Arizona made the news yesterday. First, it's illegal. Second, if the cops see a bag of cocaine in the passenger seat, a conviction is impossible. Third, who wants to be bugged by the cops when you're trying to get somewhere? Fourth, it's government promoting a private business at taxpayer expense. 
  • The Messenger also had a story of a guy who was hit by a car on 287 in Rhome early Saturday morning. About four hours earlier, Mrs. LL almost hit a guy in the exact same area who was only inches from the fog line. No way to know if it was the same guy.
  • Anyone else uncomfortable with a 25 year old teaching a 21 year old to fly? 
  • A faithful reader sent me this picture of a bird who "fell onto a car right in front of" a Decatur resident. That thing looks very weird. (It looks like it was plucked and placed there, but they swear they saw it fall from the sky.)
  • Yesterday in the Messenger's Update: "Funerals - None pending." I haven't seen that in forever.
  • I've gone into a weird study of early 1800s U.S. history over the last year and now I'm simultaneously reading Michner's Texas, watching Ken Burns old documentary The West, and listening to the audiobook of H.W. Brands' Andrew Jackson. (I listened to the latter on my isolated Colorado hikes which was perfect.) Why is it I didn't care about the subject at all in my early life, but now can't get enough of it?
  • (1) No. (2) I never did think that.
  • More Zeke Elliott thoughts if the Cowboys don't pay him: Sit out this year and forego $3 million, but come back the next year at the contract salary of $9.1 million.  Then after that he's a free agent with -- and this is the key -- fresh legs. If the Cowboys then threaten to hit him with the franchise tag, I'd threaten to sit out again. He's proven he will. (Or, worst case, take the franchise tag money which will probably be at least $13 million by then.) In any event, not playing this year makes the most sense without a long term deal. $3 million is not worth the wear and tear on the short life of a NFL running back of his caliber.
  • He's up an whining like a toddler this morning and begging people to watch State TV.
  • And we learned he promoted the 1890 racist manifesto titled Might is Right or The Survival of the Fittest (but there is no way he was able to comprehend it) . . . .