Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • There is something that seems wrong with what some court appointed lawyers are making in Collin County. Especially one. (Note: This is the same county which has been balking at paying the special prosecutors of AG Ken Paxton.)
  • The Fort Worth Court of Appeals sided with the government last Thursday and held that the trial court should not have quashed the indictment for not clearly setting forth the charge. What I found odd was that the defendant's lawyers intentionally and expressly did not file a brief with the appellate court. Someone explain that to me. 
  • Sports: (1) Tech would have beaten UT if the Red Raider quarterback wasn't a turnover machine, (2) The Chicago Bears kicker hit the uprights four times in one game, (3) Jason Garrett has nine lives, (4) OU/OSU might have been the best game of the season, (5) Here's every scenario for UT, OU, Iowa State or 
  • WVU to end up in the Big 12 Championship, (6) Baylor/Iowa State brawl! (7) UT coach Tom Herman became the serious target of former Ohio State assistant coach Zach Smith yesterday who was either drunk or having a mental breakdown on Twitter. It was insane.
Mike Leach (Just for fun)
  • There is some effort in the media to refrain from repeating the name of the killer in a mass shooting. Honestly, there are so many mass shootings we couldn't remember the names if we tried. 
  • Dear Amazon, your commercial with multiple door rings is causing dog owners all over the country to lose their minds. 
  • The step dad of the girlfriend KC Chiefs QB Pat Mahomes died suddenly at the stadium yesterday. The girlfriend, of course, immediately took to social media. Dear, Sweet Step Kids: If I kick the bucket suddenly, don't go on Instagram within hours posting a picture of you and refer to is as "A day I'll never forget!" and presupposing I spent my first hours on the other side watching a game. Other than that, do whatever you want. 
  • Trump had a banner weekend: He insulted a black female reporter, made a ill-informed tweet about the fires in California without expressing concern for the victims (and got ripped by firefighters for it), and, above all else, stayed in his hotel room because of a little rain and refused to honor American Marines killed in World War I. Then the President of France mocked him.   Once again, America became a world embarrassment. 
  • Oh, in one event he finally attended in France yesterday he smiled like a boy in love as Putin walked in. Find you someone who looks at you like Trump looks at the Russian leader. (And Trump never smiles.)

  • A 22 year old Decatur resident won the 2018 PBR World Championship in Las Vegas.
  • The Sophomore In The House (who just turned 16 -- ugh) is involved in a debate for one of her classes. The subject is whether to vaccinate infants and children. (How that is even a debate topic is beyond me, but that's beside the point.) She told me that she is going to open up her presentation with, "Do you remember when you had polio as child? [Insert long pause and then with a louder voice] Of course you don't! You didn't have polio because you were vaccinated!" She's very proud of this. I fear she might just do a mic drop.
  • The most humiliating assignment for a local TV news reporter has to be: "Go drive around in the rain and give us some reports what it is like to drive in the rain." (Happening a lot this morning.)
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