Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • The words "cheap" and "Mexico" should have tipped her off. (That story is tragically insane):
  • This was a big case back in the day. (In a questionable legal move before trial, a change of venue was granted in Dallas and the case moved to conservative Kerrville. She got the death penalty.) But I swear back then the media referred to her as roo-TEE-air instead of  roo-TEAR as I'm hearing now. 
  • This is bizarre. The First Lady just fires off a public statement wanting the ouster of John Bolton's right hand gal instead of handling it in-house. The White House is in chaos.
  • (1) I was hoping it was Dr. Robert Jeffress. It wasn't. (2) Funny bit to include  goat yoga in the picture. That gives it a nice Old Testament feel.
  • Speaking of, Compare and Contrast: "Everything happens for a reason" with the very confusing "vivid evidence that our world is not as it was meant to be.":
  • I haven't checked them all, but I've found three high schools in Texas which are in the football playoffs with 1-9 records: Crosbyton, Chilton and Tioga.
  • The Messenger had quite the scoop about this guy being held in the Wise County jail. (Assuming the scoop didn't come as a press release from the WCSO. Edit: Yep, it was.) But  any guy who is "suspected" in that many slayings reminds me of the many false allegations against Henry Lee Lucas.
  • Who calls it a "three point kick"?
  • Other than the 1.1 billion Hindus he forgot to mention and that Diwali was last week, he nailed it. How can the White House screw up simple things like this? (This was his only public appearance since returning from France.)
  • The Federal fiscal year ends at the end of September each year. How much did the federal government spend more than it took in for the last fiscal year? $779 billion.  We are now one month (October) into the new fiscal year 2018. How much are we already behind? $100.5 billion. Where has the Tea Party gone?
  • Guess the Congressional Republican-Elects vs. the Democratic-Elects. (You don't even need the title.)
  • I've said this before: Fed Ex trucks are always getting into wrecks. (This one happened this morning.) But just wait for icy roads -- that's when you'll really notice it. 
  • Messenger: Above The Fold. (Not available.)