Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • I saw a Lamborghini in Bridgeport on Sunday. It had Oklahoma plates. Both observations caused me confusion. But the driver was smart enough to obey the 40 and 45 speed limits on 380. 
  • I'm still not sure I understand how it's that practicable:
  • Want to go to a Texas High School football playoff game? There are 94 of them on Thursday, 210 on Friday, and 15 on Saturday.  (I'll always remember it:When I was a Junior in High School, Bridgeport went 9-1 but was not playoff eligible because we didn't win district.)
  • The Dow dropped 600 yesterday. But early in the morning you-know-who was already making ridiculous excuses. (And, man, he is really scared about the Democrats winning the House.) 
  • Trump just figured out the President of France made fun of him over the weekend, and America was horrified the rain prevented him from honoring the World War I dead. That got five tweets from him this morning. (And, by the way, he didn't leave the White House yesterday to go to Arlington Memorial Cemetery.)
  • Don't look now, but oil prices are on a skid. It hit $58.51 a barrel this morning after 11 straight days in decline -- the longest losing streak in 30 years.  
  • As I make my way through The West Wing I'm surprised how it's both relevant yet dated at the same time. Example: A assistant to the Chief of Staff filled in for the Press Secretary in Season One and referred to a reporter's question as "stupid." He did it in a joking and fun way, yet his colleagues went bonkers in horror. Yet, Trump viciously referred to a reporter's question as stupid on Friday and even went further to say, "You ask a lot of stupid questions" and it was kind of news for about 24 hours. 
  • Baraboo High (Wisconsin) Prom Night in 2017. The kid in the front row didn't raise his hand, but he is flashing the White Power hand symbol with his right hand. The guy in the upper right hand corner is the only guy who is not a racist and/or an idiot. (CNN actually blocked out their faces last night.)
    Future Proud Boys (Except one)
  • If you feel the need to consult with an ethics expert, you already know what to do. 
  • I always question the advise that the Texas Criminal Defense Lawyer Association puts out every Tuesday. In addition to ignoring pro bono work, the following is simply wrong.  You don't like spending a lot of your time working for clients who stiff you, but working will at least teach you something every time. Sitting around piddling your thumbs will not. 
  • I felt dumb yesterday: I had no idea who Stan Lee was.