Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • Who would have thought a massive pothole in a Decatur parking lot would make metroplex news? (Although that was a pretty funny bit planting a tree in it followed by the transformation into a Christmas tree.) I think KXAS was first, KRLD second, then WFAA and then the Star-Telegram. I would have thought that the pot hole being on private property would have taken some of the glossiness away from the story, but it didn't. 
  • I don't know what to think of Michael Avenatti's arrest, but this was funny: 
  • This guy used to work for the Morning News and is quite accomplished. Is exorcism really practiced by the Catholic Church? Seriously?
  • Whoa! I found an 0-10 team that made the playoffs. (How'd they make it? I have no idea.) Shallowater (10-0) played Tornillo (0-10) last night. They lost 63-0.
  • I'm skeptical of most GoFundMe campaigns and this news yesterday hasn't helped. You may remember the story of the homeless vet who used his last $20 to help a stranded lady.  Of course, a fund was started by the lady and her husband to help the guy. The first development came a few months back when the homeless guy sued the couple for withholding most of the money and spending some of it on themselves.  Then the stunner came yesterday when prosecutors say all three made the whole incident up and were in cahoots
  • I'd seriously tap the brakes on the "serial killer" being held in the Wise County jail who is in confession mode. (The story has gone national.) It's basically impossible to get away with one murder much less ninety.
  • Once again, I proved I was criminal legal and investigative genius yesterday by sniffing out the false story regarding the Parker County Deputy/Deer Stand Incident of 2018. But that B.S. story the Parker County Sheriff's Office is trying to now sell is a bigger scandal than the initial false report. 
    • “This incident was not an accidental discharge. It was a weapons malfunction from a concealed backup weapon which was secured and holstered on his person,” Sheriff Larry Fowler said to dispute any claims that the deputy just accidentally shot himself.  
    • Sheesh:
    • Since when does a gun just "go off" in a holster because of a malfunction? Ask that question to any cop or gun expert today. 
    • How was the question of "You didn't shoot yourself, did ya?" not the first thing that was was asked? He was shot in the foot. You might want to ask that question and check his weapon before a ridiculous two day "manhunt" occurred which even involved AT
    • At first, it was only the deputy who lost all credibility. Now the entire Sheriff's office is in jeopardy of not being trusted. That ain't good.
    • The Sheriff with a different gun which didn't mysteriously malfunction.
  • This is what happened this week when your regular guy makes a false report. "The problem is it pulls a lot of resources . . . . ” said Sgt. Chris Britt.
  • We've got a California Wild Fire Truther. (Thread.)
  • Ed Oliver out of the University of Houston may be the best defensive player in the country but he is a nutcase. He held himself out of last night's game (again) and some wonder if he is really hurt or just saving himself for the NFL. But it got a little nutty when Head Coach Major Applewhite, who is getting fed up with Oliver, told him to take off his coat on the sideline if he wasn't playing. Oliver went nuts, and then refused to rejoin the team in the second half. 
  • What time is the War on Christmas this year?
Any chance that Sam's story is a paid ad?