Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • Hardest Working Man In Show Business.™
  • This pay-per-view at $20 a pop for Tiger vs. Phil has to be a ratings disaster, right? 
  • I'm just now hearing about "anxiety blankets" or "weighted blankets". Do they work? In theory, they are for people who never sleep soundly because their mind is racing oftentimes with constant dreams of worrisome situations. 
  • Keller High School's band was in the parade yesterday in New York City. Look at the temperature noted on the building (upper left hand corner) as they headed towards Macy's. With the wind, that had to be a beating. A neat experience, but a a beating.
  • Flashback: When handlers had to murder the Barney float during the parade as onlookers eventually booed and yelled, "Barney! Barney".
  • Then the kids went back to playing Red Dead Redemption 2.
  • A Messenger reporter was on the road yesterday and had an observation.
  • Trump, who called the troops yesterday, decided (after thinking it would be a good idea to rail on the Ninth Circuit on Thanksgiving) for some unknown reason to push "steam" as the preferred method of launching planes off aircraft carriers. 
  • We all ate too much yesterday so I guess world hunger doesn't exist. 
  • One more Trump thing: His answer to the question of what he is thankful for. Short answer is "Me!"
  • After being warned not to go, an American decided, without authorization, to try to enter an island populated by an isolated tribe in order to spread Christianity. Verdict: Their Department of Homeland Security doesn't mess around against illegal aliens.
  • We are all Isabella's parents shaking our collective heads from time to time.
  • We went out to eat in the Metroplex yesterday and we ran into former Wise County Sheriff Phil Ryan at the same place.
  • For some reason I end up watching North Dallas Forty for the first time. Verdict: It's horrible.  I guess it was a shocking revelation about the NFL at the time, but it was cartoonish in its attempt.