Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • So let me get this straight. Fifty people in our country of over 325 million get sick and the CDC says romaine lettuce "is a likely source" of the illness (their words) so the agency tells everyone in America to throw out their romaine lettuce no matter where they bought it. Let me tell you something. The Liberally Lean Crack Research Team Of Award Winning Scientists and Mathematicians From Western Wise County has crunched the numbers and has issued a report that says: You romaine lettuce lovin' people out there should take your chances. #RomaineLettuceMatters
  • Trump's bizarre, error-ridden, and heavy exclamation point filled written statement yesterday  voicing his support for Saudi Arabia (despite the CIA's report that the Crown Prince ordered the murder a U.S. Resident and journalist) is a new low. "May he did and maybe he didn't!", Trump wrote in the prose of a grade school child. But the fact the Saudis buy arms from us is enough to excuse his bone saw murder in Trump's estimation. Incredible.
  • For those who won't read Trump's statement, here is a summary:

  • Here's another summary: 
  • To wrap this subject up, this week Trump has attacked the the Navy SEAL whose team got bin Laden and praised the country that produced the vast majority of the hijackers on 9/11. Everything is fine. 
  • Here we go again: Skeleton crews working around the Thanksgiving holidays will report the next three days are the busiest of the year at airports. I will have a blockbuster report on Friday (maybe Monday) proving my theory that we get lied to every year. 
  • It's still amazing that smart phones don't get viruses. (Or if the do, I've never heard of it.)
  • I don't have a dog in this hunt, but as soon as I saw the headline I could identify the cartoon/crying-for-attention sports writer who was the author. (It's Mac Engel, and no link for you, sir.)

  • Police are opening an "administrative" investigation into the death of Casey Kasem four years after he died of Alzheimers?  I'm sure his wife and three children from a prior marriage who are fighting over an $80 million estate has nothing to do with it. (I didn't know the widow once played the "ditzy wife of Nick Tortelli" on Cheers.)
  • A guy this week was sentenced to 10 years in federal prison for "igniting several Molotov cocktails inside two department stores in Fort Worth’s Hulen Mall." That seems like a reach to make it a federal crime.  (That led my brain to recall that in 1999 I wrote about how the feds took control over a case involving a Molotov cocktail thrown into a private residence. I thought it was wrong. Later the Supreme Court would say the same thing.)
  • I just had to check on him before I hit "Publish". He's losing it. The first came shortly before midnight and he's up and at it this morning. (And for all you folks relying on the oil boom in West Texas, enjoy his madness.)
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